Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday, Blogtoberfest 22, 2013

I am proud of myself.  I have now made it over three weeks of blogging everyday! Whodathunkit?
Have you ever just blurted out something and wonder where the heck that came from?  Like some master puppeteer just opened your mouth and you ' BLAHBLAHBLAH'ed something and you think to yourself.."Who said that?  Couldn't've been me... I wasn't even thinking such a thing!" But there it is, the elephant in the room.  Like when you accidentally say to someone at a funeral to have a great day.

Or after you walk away from a situation, have you ever said, "What the heck made me do THAT?" Or, "What in God's green earth was THAT all about??"  (I can see God now, shaking his head and saying, "Don't be bringing ME into this!")  (My Mom would say, you got yourself into it, you get yourself out!")

Or the thing that you just blurted out, was the secret you were supposed to keep to yourself?  Dang!
  I have learned to be a pretty quiet person around the holidays.

Of course there are those times when you also say, 'OMG, did I just offend that person?'  And no amount of backtracking convinces anyone, almost including you, that you didn't mean to say that.  In fact, the hole you are digging just gets deeper.  The best thing to do, of course, is apologize right away. 

Then there is the heat of the moment when something is said in argument that might have been said in a nicer way.  Again, spoken words can't be unsaid once spoken, and the best you can do is apologize.  And apologize again.  And apologize once more. 

The faux pas that usually gets me is when I am in the middle of thinking something out and I am explaining it to someone (usually Hubs) and in doing so, make it sound entirely like something else.  Of course, I have the roadmap to what I am saying clearly viewed in my mind, but I might have jumped track and landed a road or two over, verbally.   When the visualizations finally let me come back to reality, The Hubs is usually looking at me like I am crazy or laughing his head off.  Then it gets me laughing.  In the 30+ years we have been together, he has heard some pretty cockamamie (spell check doesn't know how to spell that either) stuff.

Someone once told me that it takes seven positive things spoken to ease the pain of one negative. (In that case, some people will never catch up!)  I'd like to think that my friends know I tend to lean toward idiocy on occasion, and can love me enough to forgive me my trespasses. 

And I shall forgive that friend who asked if I wanted her blouse, because it was way too big for her. (She does wear a size or two larger than I do.)

Its always good to try to watch your words, speak kindness, and keep the big yap shut in times when you don't know what to say.  I am going to try harder.  If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.  Good advice if you thought to say it in the first place.  Open mouth insert foot.  Or is that disengage foot?  Either way, I don't think anyone is immune to these things.  Unless done intentionally, usually there is no malice, and we would all like a large eraser on some words. 

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