Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday September 28, 2014

Dinner done, check.  Dishes done, check. Finished project, check.Think I will coast the rest of my Sunday...
This morning we went to the farmers market with both of our grand dogs. Came home and our son came home from traveling to a friends wedding and picked up his dog.  Then had to clean up and get ready to go to the Bonsai exhibition Artist meet.  It was good to see some of the other artists and meet some others that I hadn't met before.  Its been a good day.

Remember that New Years Rez of mine about getting projects done and out of the inventory around here?
Well, out of the five projects I am in process of doing, I have finished 1 and a half this week.  In this blog I have used the scrap 2x4s for Santas last year,

Then, BOOKS OF LOVE for Valentines Day...

So its only right I do some Halloween...
I have a Witch, BlackCat, Pumpkin and Scarecrow still in the works.  So a few things out of the artroom...

Out of the garage, I found a cabinet front that I purchased from a cabinet company garage sale.  Its been in the garage, (among a lot of other good stuff) and I had almost everything to get it done, but time.  Here is what it is now...
 All it needs is Chalk!  Its too big for my kitchen so hopefully it will find a good home.

These posts will get crazy-er in a few days when we start Blogtoberfest again, where we blog everyday of October.  Be prepared.
Stay tuned!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday September 22, 2014

The weather is getting chilly.  I have lots of big projects in the garage that still need to be done.  Paint doesn't work well under 50* so I usually have only June, July and August to do these projects, but hopefully I can squeek out a few more days in September.  And oh, yeah, the deck rails and the back porch still need paint as well as the garage doors.  The last few weekends have been rainy and... I am just going to quit making excuses right now.  Its all FALLS fault.  It is coming way to early and Summer just wasn't long enough. Grrr.

Next Sunday is the Bonsai event, and I turned in my piece yesterday.  This is kind of the first artist exhibition I have done besides the First Friday events.  My bonsai was the Yew and I suppose I can reveal it here, now:

Have you seen the 'sharpie on ceramic' stuff going on?  I happened to be passing by a clearance rack and got a DEAL on this serving bowl... and because it was JUST white, it was a canvas....

The weather was crappy this weekend so it gave me time to pull out those sepia markers again...
I know, I know... birds nest in the spring and its a fall tree... its been pointed out to me!  Through the magic of art, it can happen!

More to follow!  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September16 2014

Half of September has passed already!  Where did THAT go?

Since I last wrote...
- I finished the chair. She hasn't seen it yet and since there is a probably a copyright law I need to find and study, I don't think I can show you here.  I THINK that as long as I am not making money with it, which I am not, I am ok, but I am making it for a classroom for deaf children. I am not mass producing it!  I would hope that if the powers that be saw it, they would allow it.

- We went on a vacation to see our college student that is 500 miles away.  It was so good to see him.  Typical of one of our vacations though, the weather was not very nice.   It did allow us to go to a Blues festival with him and help him get settled in a new place.  Miss my kid. Both of them, actually.

- I did this for The Hubs since he is always so good about building some of the stuff I dream up.
Our chubby selves do like cake!  (She says, as she takes a break to get brownies out of the oven!)

- I am also getting some primer on an old foot locker. Not really sure what is going to come of it yet, but it is a piece that has been taking up room in The Hubs' garage.  And remember, my New Years Rez this year was to finally do some of the projects I have been accumulating, so no matter what it ends up being, it has to be primered first. Then whatever it ends up being, hopefully it can be useful and out of the garage!

- I am also going to do some Christmas stuff with some legs to a table in the garage, and some blocks of 2x4 are going to get halloweenied. So those are all getting base coated and designed too.  Nothing I want to show yet, but wanted to prove to you I am not sitting on my laurels while I haven't been writing!

Next week is the Bonsai exhibition and artist meet.  I haven't shown that here either, but its a surprise and I promise to show you once the exhibition starts.  

So, lots of activity, just not much show and tell.  Until there is, stay tuned!