Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Blogtoberfest 31, 2013

WHOOOHOOO!  I did it!  I did all thirty one days!!  Thanks to Shells who invited me to join in the Blogtoberfest, and although I don't know who all has been out there reading, my apologies for possibly putting you to sleep!  But I enjoyed being here everyday, even when I had to really think of something to write.

I enjoyed reading other blogs too.  Although I have to confess, I am not done reading yet, but its nice to know that I am still able to read what you have written.   Been nice getting to know all of you.  I hope to see you all back here next Blogtober.

Because November is Thanksgiving here in the States, I think, for myself, I want to continue on and kind of make a gratitude journal for November.   Try to be here everyday, and writing something about each day that I am grateful for. If it makes life look better, so be it.  Please feel free to join me. 

 And oh yeah,  Happy Halloween!
Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want into your life.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Blogtoberfest 30, 2013

Thirty one years ago today at this time of this writing, I was dancing at my wedding reception.  I had just married my soul mate, (who has the bluest eyes), and we were dancing with all our friends and family.  Funny how when you find The One, that you know, just KNOW that its meant to be.

We met standing in our friends' wedding.  (Which incidentally was the night before my dad passed away.  This has meaning later in the story)  We were both dating other people at the time, and  both into photography.  I worked at the Camera store and he was taking photography classes in college.  He brought his film in to be developed (man, barely remember the days we had to do that! we are old!) When I had broken up with my boyfriend, he was dating someone new.  When he was free, I was in a relationship. One day he came in, and asked if I was seeing anyone, and I showed him my engagement ring.  I didn't see him much after that.

Three years after our friends' wedding, I was out with the girls, after I had just broken off my engagement.  The girls and I walked into a place with a band and dancing and there he was.  He came over and asked me to dance, and we danced until the place closed.  He said his grandma had passed that day and he was going to be busy that week, but he would like to call me next week.  Yes, please.

So we came back to the same place and danced the night away again.  Then went out for breakfast. He brought me home, and asked me out again.  We talked just about every day.

On the second date, the conversation paused for awhile.  He just said, "when God closes a door, He opens a window."  I said, "My dad used to say that!" and he said "My Grandma used to say that, "Does it sound to you like we had help?

And that's how it started.  Ten months from first date to wedding...  but it took 3 years to get the first date.  I believe everything in its own time, because of this.  We had to have those other experiences in our lives before we could settle down to each other.

Its had its ups and downs, but we have weathered it all, and lived to talk about it.  We had two blue eyed boys who are grown into men who are now the ages we were 31 years ago.

Definately not the end.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Blogtoberfest 29, 2013

This was one of the things that made me say WOW at ArtPrize.  This pegasus is made from small parts hanging on wires.  The artist had to hang each piece at just the right height to make the shape.  The breeze blowing softly through it breathed life into it.   The hotel lobby that it was in was awesome enough, but this just... just... AWESOME.

This painting was about 8 feet by 12 feet (maybe 16)  Very Norman Rockwell-ish.  Which is one of my favorites!

Just a couple more days of Blogtoberfest.  That was fun!  I was trying to blog on Sundays before this, and I will probably go back to that again.  Its nice to do this, like an extended vacation, but its time to get back to life as we know it. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Blogtoberfest 28, 2013

For those of you that have followed this blog and watched the cornfield grow, (yep, its that exciting around here, that you just sit and watch the corn grow!)  it is now time for harvest and the farmer was taking the corn off today.   It was a bumper crop this year and now that the field is leveled, we can see the sun set over the fields again.

As you can see, the bonfire pile also has grown.  There is nothing like a bonfire and friends on a chilly autumn evening.  We'll do that soon.  We were going to do it this weekend, but the wind picked up and the cornfield was dry enough for a field fire.  So, we paused on the side of caution.

Life in the boonies...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday blogtoberfest 27, 2013

Things going on in my head..  

Have to build something 'gypsy" by Friday.  Maybe two things.  Oh yeah, and throw together a gypsy costume for work.

The colors in that bowl I saw, hit a nerve... the combination is what I have been looking for.  The livingroom/dining room has been needing a makeover for a while. (some of it is still stuck in the '90s) I started it, and got it half done,  just before I lost my job in 2008, and so its still half and half, embarrassingly.  The problem is, I can't do it yet.  But now, I think I have my color palette. The newer half of the room I am already tired of, and it needs to go.

Halloween five days early, was a bust.  Half of the household that used to participate did.  Apparently there are some that either did not get the memo, or they are protesting that they aren't going to feed the whole county.

Think I want to do another fall painting.  I have done lots of summer and winter.  Surprisingly, not much fall in my collection.

Want to pull out the oil pastels.  And my airbrush.  Need to mix it up.  My friend has me on other tangents that are more her visions than mine.  Not that hers are bad, but they don't leave time or artroom space for mine.

Our anniversary is next week. 

I have a great idea for an ArtPrize type of wall art... not that I am looking to do ArtPrize, but if I could display it somewhere.... that would be cool.  The vision is big wall size. And all recycled.

Son has a project he asked me to do too.

Oh shoot, have to work in laundry, and some housekeeping in there too.

And I have to schedule two more vacation days between now and the end of the year this week.  Use them or lose them.  Its been so long since I had those, I don't know how to deal with those.  And the week of Christmas and New Years is out, too many people out already.

And I am hosting Thanksgiving in a few weeks.  Taking the day off before.  However that day is booking other things in, - not what I had in mind.  So maybe I can do another vaca day there.
Have a great old floor lamp needing some TLC.  Once its done, could be usable. And it would be cool.  Or sellable.  But big enough that it would have to be done outside, and winter is setting in fast. 

We need a neat resale shop around here.  There are craft places, but only a couple small home decor upcycle and recycle/artsy places, and they are packed and not taking anymore.  Does that mean there isn't anyone buying or just too many artists flooding the market?
 Ok, I'll leave you to your thoughts..

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Blogtoberfest 26, 2013

I forgot I had this on my phone.  This was something really random on the pavement at Art prize.  It was a chalk drawing and so well done!

What is it about eyes?  The windows to the soul.  I think if done right they can sell the rest of the picture.  If done wrong it throws off the whole portrait.

You know those restaurants that put paper down and lets you color all over them while you wait for your food?  (My favorite places to eat!)  I usually find myself doing eyes.   So you can see how I was attracted to this one.

It was a small piece of art that needed more attention than it got.  Its beautiful.  And I wish I was the one that did it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday, Blogtoberfest 25, 2013

 Fall Harvest Sale item #3. (the painting not the dog)  I just cant get a good pic of it. And then our pug decided he wanted to lay right there while I was taking pics.  He's such a ham!  The colored leaves are very bright colored

So heading into the weekend, grateful for it being Friday, going out with friends tonight, running errands and cleaning house tomorrow, trick or treat tomorrow night, and a chill day scheduled for Sunday.  (read: PAINT DAY!)

I have a Gypsy Wagon to make by Halloween. I also need to make some treats for friends for TorT tomorrow night.  Guess that will keep me busy.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Blogtoberfest 24 2013

I have been a temp for many years.  Even the jobs where I wasn't working for a temp agency seemed to be 'temporary jobs' for one reason or another.

On the list of jobs I have had:  Camera salesperson, photographer, Kmart, bartender, bank teller, Drafter, CAD drafter, CAD teacher, office person for computer company, receptionist, Village Clerk, Ads and Promotion, sales, painter, flower designer, church secretary, beauty shop manager, - sometimes I was working two and three of these jobs at once.

One of the most exhausting jobs I had one year, was a Kindergarten Aide.  That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a job where you earn your money.  I got paid a whopping $6.10 per hour (before taxes) to do that and came home whipped every single night.  It was kinda fun - I loved the kids.  They graduated last year! (Hmmm, ok, that just made me feel old.)

Anyway, it was a fun, tough job with little or no perks, and not a lot of pay.  The teacher I worked with, was a sweetie that knew all of the above.  And every day, as I was walking out of class, she said, "THANK YOU for everything you did today".  And I said, "OK, I will come back tomorrow". 

Its amazing how much a THANK YOU can do!  They are just words.  They are free to use. We all should use them more often. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday 23, 2013

 Field corn, (not the kind we eat, but you feed animals with) grown on the stalks out back.
 This tree is every color of the rainbow.  How many colors can you name?

The lane between the cornfield and everyones backyards down the street.

I don't do WORDLESS well, do I?  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday, Blogtoberfest 22, 2013

I am proud of myself.  I have now made it over three weeks of blogging everyday! Whodathunkit?
Have you ever just blurted out something and wonder where the heck that came from?  Like some master puppeteer just opened your mouth and you ' BLAHBLAHBLAH'ed something and you think to yourself.."Who said that?  Couldn't've been me... I wasn't even thinking such a thing!" But there it is, the elephant in the room.  Like when you accidentally say to someone at a funeral to have a great day.

Or after you walk away from a situation, have you ever said, "What the heck made me do THAT?" Or, "What in God's green earth was THAT all about??"  (I can see God now, shaking his head and saying, "Don't be bringing ME into this!")  (My Mom would say, you got yourself into it, you get yourself out!")

Or the thing that you just blurted out, was the secret you were supposed to keep to yourself?  Dang!
  I have learned to be a pretty quiet person around the holidays.

Of course there are those times when you also say, 'OMG, did I just offend that person?'  And no amount of backtracking convinces anyone, almost including you, that you didn't mean to say that.  In fact, the hole you are digging just gets deeper.  The best thing to do, of course, is apologize right away. 

Then there is the heat of the moment when something is said in argument that might have been said in a nicer way.  Again, spoken words can't be unsaid once spoken, and the best you can do is apologize.  And apologize again.  And apologize once more. 

The faux pas that usually gets me is when I am in the middle of thinking something out and I am explaining it to someone (usually Hubs) and in doing so, make it sound entirely like something else.  Of course, I have the roadmap to what I am saying clearly viewed in my mind, but I might have jumped track and landed a road or two over, verbally.   When the visualizations finally let me come back to reality, The Hubs is usually looking at me like I am crazy or laughing his head off.  Then it gets me laughing.  In the 30+ years we have been together, he has heard some pretty cockamamie (spell check doesn't know how to spell that either) stuff.

Someone once told me that it takes seven positive things spoken to ease the pain of one negative. (In that case, some people will never catch up!)  I'd like to think that my friends know I tend to lean toward idiocy on occasion, and can love me enough to forgive me my trespasses. 

And I shall forgive that friend who asked if I wanted her blouse, because it was way too big for her. (She does wear a size or two larger than I do.)

Its always good to try to watch your words, speak kindness, and keep the big yap shut in times when you don't know what to say.  I am going to try harder.  If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.  Good advice if you thought to say it in the first place.  Open mouth insert foot.  Or is that disengage foot?  Either way, I don't think anyone is immune to these things.  Unless done intentionally, usually there is no malice, and we would all like a large eraser on some words. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Blogtoberfest 21, 2013

If I give an opinion, does it mean I am being witchy?  

Tonight, Hubs and I went to the warehouse store to buy candy for Halloween.  We may have a small town, but the school district is huge.  Its a farm community and the outskirts of our town far out distance the mile square town part. 

We usually have 300 to 400 trick or treaters at our house on Halloween.  This year we expect more, as the Village Council voted to have it this Saturday night. (yes, 5 days BEFORE Halloween!)  That means any kid within 20 miles could come to our town to trick or treat, then go back to his own, and do it all over again on Halloween.  The reason our council did this?  Because someone on the council wanted to have one night that the kids could enjoy and the parents wouldn't have to worry about them getting ramped up on candy and fight with them to get them to bed on a school night.

Like I had to.  And every other parent previously.  ** rolls eyes**

That being said, the candy is bought, the porch is as decorated as it's going to get and now we wait for Saturday.  Then on Halloween we can twittle our thumbs because there is nothing to do.

What ev. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Blogtoberfest 20, 2013

I am almost finished with the second project for the upcoming Fall Harvest Sale to benefit the local women's shelter.  A little bit of fall whimsey.... made out of a cupboard door.

I don't know if you do this or not, but I have about 5 projects going at once.  Each are in their own stage of done-ness, and some are just drying, while others are just waiting for me to figure out the next step.  Some I am able to do while watching TV, so those are there.  Others need to be in a place where the mess is contained.  Then like these last two, are out in the driveway so I can give them a clear coat spray.

That's 5 in process and about 20 roaming around in my head.  No wonder my Hubs gets to shaking his head at me...  but he's learned that its a process with me.   And days off are what I wait for. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Blogtoberfest 19, 2013


Someone on my Facebook just said this was just a Michigan thing.  Its more of a Hallmark thing I think, and it IS on my calendar.  I don't do much for it, but wish my Sweeties a Happy Day.  You know, some people make fun of the Hallmark Holidays thinking that its just a day to sell cards, candy and flowers.  Maybe any day that makes you stop and notice what your loved ones do for you and show a little appreciation for all they do is a good thing.  I try to say Thank you all the time, but some people need the reminder.  So...go do something nice for someone, even if its a thank you, a hug and a kiss, or whatever...  If this IS just a Michigan thing, than feel free to do use the excuse.   And what goes around comes around... you might just find yourself on the receiving end of something equally nice!

Which brings me to something else I just saw on my Facebook... (FB is such a wealth of information, isn't it?)
"KARMA- what goes around comes around,  Keep your circle positive.  Say good words.  Think good thoughts, Do good deeds."
I think I will have that embroidered somewhereOr maybe it needs to be painted!

 Today, The Hubs and I walked a 5K called Graze to Raise.  It is a beautiful 5K walk, with tents set up along the way with samples of food from local restaurants.  It has been part of our fall for about 8 years, and we have been able to participate for 7 out of the 8.  This benefits the Cancer Center here and helps with extra expenses for people who don't always have the means to get in for treatments, etc.   This morning it was 45 degrees and rainy, but there were still a lot of people participating.   This is what we do in memory of my father in law who had to use the Center.  With the hope that nobody else we know will ever need to use it.

Along the way, we enjoyed Pumpkin soup, Chili, frozen custard, apple crisp, barbecue chips, veggie sandwiches, cookies, canoli, and so much more.  You get a taste of each, and waddle back to the finish line.  I seriously do not want to eat the rest of the day.   There is a wedding we are invited to, and a Blues Festival going on tonight.   But all I want is a nap.

Have a good Sweetest Day everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Blogtoberfest 18, 2013

So, I told you about the upcoming Harvest Sale at work, and a few days ago, I showed you the old cabinet doors that I had to work with .  Here is what I have so far, although I want to touch up some of the lettering tonight and do something with the hole that is under the little yellow flower on the bottom... trying to come up with something that is a little better than using that....

 (Please don't mind the artroom mess.... )

A little thing I found on Pinterest... (LOVE that site) and this was soooo easy it stinks.  I am thinking of filling the ball jars with Halloween trail mix and giving them to my special buddies.

Here are the ingredients for the Halloween Trail Mix that I make:

A bag of M&M's
A bag of chocolate morsels
A bag of white chocolate morsels  ( sometimes you can find the white and brown striped ones that work and look nice in the mix)
You can put half bags in too, and include some butterscotch chips

A bag of  Candy corns
A jar of blanched peanuts
A box of raisins ( I like the white raisins, but it really doesn't matter I used dark today) (This makes it health food!) ;)
Dump in a big bowl with a lid and shake.  Done!

You can adjust to your taste.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Blogtoberfest 17, 2013

(Photo Courtesy of the Daily Telegram)

Yesterday, I talked about the school bus crash that happened near us.  And also about The Hubs and how he has been a firefighter/EMT for almost 40 years.  I didn't mention that he is also an EMT instructor/coodinator.  Emergency Medical Technicians are the guys that show up on the ambulance crews and start the health care you need to get you to the hospital.  He also teaches CPR classes and Firefighter classes.  Around here, teaching these aren't full time work, even though firefighters and EMT's have to take classes for re-certifications, there are more than a few trainers in our county.  So, they help each other out and keep all the guys up on their licensing and do it because it needs to be done.

Last night, our American Legion had The Hubs come in to teach a basic CPR class.  Its just good to know in case you are ever in a situation where you need to have those skills!  I took CPR back in 7th grade Health Class, but the American Red Cross has decided with what they know now, things should be done a little differently.  He also touched on AED's -  the portable machines to shock a heart victim when they're down.  Those machines really are amazing, and will help guide you through it.

A decade or so, he asked me if I wanted to come to one of his CPR classes and I did.  I was then a card carrying certified CPR'r.  I thank God that I have never needed to use it.  And hope I never do.  But if the situation arises, I also hope that God gives me the strength to do what I have learned and do it well.

As I was listening to him teach the class I guess I have known that he teaches and deals with this stuff on a daily basis at the drop of a hat, but I forget and take it for granted, I guess.  Hubs isn't the kind of guy that goes on a call and talks about it.  He very seldom tells me about any of the calls he goes on.  Its like he treats the person with the dignity they want even after they are safely at the hospital.  And I applaud him for the integrity that takes. 

He, (as are most of the guys on the Department),  is up out of bed on a foggy night, or slippery, snowy nights.  We shake our heads when the alarm rings on house fires that just happen to be the hottest day of the year, (think 100degrees + and in rubber gear and face masks) or the coldest day of the year,(think holding a hose that pushes you back on the ice as its shooting towards the house and the water is freezing before it hits, and oh yeah, its splashing back at you.)

Blood and injuries, fires, tornadoes, drownings, strokes and accidents, firefighter/EMT;s have seen it all, and they usually are out when everyone else is wanting to stay in.  In shelter, in bed, in warmth.

When we got engaged, someone warned me, that part of the deal of marrying a fireman, is that when the whistle goes off, whether you are just putting dinner on the table, or just have the car packed for vacation, you probably have to wait for your man to get back.  (My apologies to the women on the department now, one of the ones of which I just quoted, but back then, there were no women on the department... my how far we've come)  The statement has been true.

I think anyone on the Fire Department earns our respect.  And our Police Officers too.   I guess this is a little tribute to remind everyone that we need to thank these guys for all they do.  Next time you see one of these guys in your neighborhood, just tell him thanks for what he does.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Blogtoberfest 16, 2013

This is the story of my day.   (Not to be confused with my "Story-of-the-day")

My hubs is a fireman/EMT veteran of almost 40 years.  The scanner went off at 4am for a rescue.  He came home about 6am and fed the dogs and let them out.  This is a treat for me, as I am usually the one that duty usually falls to.  Most of this doesn't apply to the story, but it does have a point, read on anyway.

I check my facebook just about every morning while I am eating breakfast.  This message, above, was on it.  And two others just about like it, but different, saying make sure you tell the people that you love that you love them, as you just never know.  I thought that was odd that that was the 'theme' of several of the posts on there this morning.

We both got around for our work days, and off to work we both went.  I actually got to work early! (Which was fine, because I had a little time to make up)  On the drive into work I kept thinking about the theme on the facebook page, and decided to make a special point to text my hubs and boys and wish them a good morning and tell them I love them.

So when I got to work, while my computer was booting up, I did just that.  As I am texting, several sirens go by my place of work.  A terrible accident involving a bus, sent 11 people to the hospital.  I had JUST come through that intersection!! Luckily, most were treated and released, although two are still in the hospital.

If my hubby hadn't been up this morning early, and let out the dogs, the timing would have been just about right for me to be in the middle of that accident. As bad as I feel for those involved, I feel lucky to have been to work a few minutes early.  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

A lady at work came to see me before lunch.  She said, "Lin, I have to thank you.  You asked to see these pictures.  I was already out to my car and remembered them, and turned around and went back in to get them for you.  If I hadn't done that, I would have been about where that accident happened this morning, so I just wanted to say thanks. As it was, I was stuck in the rerouted traffic in the aftermath."  Of course, it wasn't my influence, but she was serious in her realization.

Today was not an excellent day.  There were parts that weren't easy.  But sometimes, we are where we need to be.  I am a firm believer. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Blogtoberfest 15, 2013

My handle here on the blog is PAINTONMYCLOTHES and just in case you haven’t read back to one of my very first blogs, its appropriate because, I have cold weather clothes, warm weather clothes, pajamas, socks, shoes and sandals, and a couple jackets with paint on them.  Safe to say, I get into my work. And winter or summer, I can paint!

At any given time, you might pull in my drive and catch me in my paintclothes.  I might have just put fresh paint on something, and am gardening or vacuuming until it dries, waiting for the second coat.  Or I might have the HOPE to get into some paint, and I am looking for a break in the schedule.  My friends who love me, understand my attire.  Some even applaud it!  I end up explaining it to every new Schwan’s guy though.

Recently, one of my old pair of sweatpants, that I have worn for painting for YEARS, had finally been worn clean through.  Its time to give them up, and make them into paint rags.  But before I tear them up into paint rags I want to pay a little homage and try to identify some of the paint on them. 

The pink metallic is from the little girls bedroom that I painted.

There is lots and lots of primer / gesso white.

Some of that paint is just wall paint from when we added on to the house and was painting it for the first time.

There is texture paint that went on the back porch steps.  There are enamels, and primers, and acrylics and fabric paints….

There is block paint from the basement of my mothers house that we had to paint before we could put it up for sale.

There is barn red.  Hmmmm….. where did I do that color?

Yellows and blues and greens, OH MY!

These read like a diary, they have witnessed some of the best and worst work I have done.  They have been through a lot of therapy during some bumpy parts of my life with me.

There is some square inches on these that don’t even bend!  They might be bullet proof there.

I DO have other clothes to paint in…that isn’t the point.  I just have to say goodbye to something that has been chronicling a part of my life for a while.  Just before I tear them up and recycle them again into paintrags. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, Blogtoberfest 14, 2013

Gearing up for our Harvest Sale at work.  We usually pick a charity and do a Bake and Craft sale.  SO, since I work for a cabinet company, I bought some kitchen cabinet doors out of the scrap pile, (Can't believe they were in there, they look perfect!)  and I  am painting them up!  I have  3, we'll see how many I can get done before the 5th of November!

Here is what I am starting with...

There are two of the dark larger ones, and one of the square.  I have some thoughts, but I'd better get crackin'!

I love how the frame is included... no assembly is required!

Wish me luck... here I go!  Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Blogtoberfest 13, 2013

Good Sunday morning to ya!

The Legion in our small town has a breakfast one Sunday a month.  Its sausage, ham, eggs, pancakes, toast, sausage gravy and biscuits, and its all good.  All you can eat for $5.00.

But you know what the best part about it is?  **QUE MUSIC FROM THE SHOW "CHEERS"**  Its where everyone knows your name.  And they're (almost) glad you came.

In a small town like ours, EVERYONE knows your name.  And they know your business.  And if they don't know your business, they kinda guess at it.  I have heard that all small towns are like that.

There are good parts too: Your kids have eyes watching them while they grow up and out.  The handshakes and hugs my son got today when he was home for the weekend and went down to eat with us, was heartwarming.   He got to meet up with an old friend that played baseball with him as they were growing up.  Said friend has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and we are glad he is now home for good. We found out that his little brother is on his way home from serving in Okinawa. He played ball with our younger son.

I get to see the lady that used to work with me, who stopped by to have breakfast on the way to church.  She thanked me for showing my art on Facebook.  I had been thinking of not posting it anymore, but now I guess I will continue.  God bless her, she is over 80 and still going strong!

Our cousins were also on their way to church, good to lay eyes on them.  Although we see them here and there, and not just this once a month, they are dealing with some life issues too.

A friend we sat with gave Hubs a tip on a possible job.  A couple of our fire fighter friends were there too. One of them has three beautiful little girls who light up a room.

We caught up on a friend that has some health issues.  He will be ok if he is careful.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for.  Just one breakfast outing shows just how much.  Yes, its so much more than an All You Can Eat Breakfast for $5,00.  Its living in a small town.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday, Blogtoberfest 12, 2013

Ok, Six thoughts Saturday...

One:  Beautiful fall day, with a little crisp in the air and the pretty trees against crystal blue skies. OK, this part of fall I like.

Two:  Our son is home for the weekend.  Good to see his face, although he has been working too hard and needs to just chill this weekend.  Take a breather, son, sleep in.  Take a long run.  And relax a little. Everyone, EVERYONE needs a break... you can't run full speed forever.

Three:  Working on a collaboration for a new sign for the entrance of town.  Picking out colors.  Think we have it narrowed down.  Going to get some paint charts today.

Four:  Went to a factory garage sale and picked up some recyclable remnants.  Anxious to get to those.

Five:  Friend kinda spurred my creative senses about opening a home decor / recycled furniture shop.  That would be so cool... !  Oh, the possibilities!

Six:  Why is it when the weather cools off, do I want to bake everything in the recipe box? 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday, Blogtoberfest 11, 2013

This sign makes me smile.  There is nothing that squelches my energy more, than to do housework, stand back to enjoy it for one minute, one single minute, and boom! its undone. Whats the point of all the effort?

Art isn't like that.  If you do it and you are happy with it, unless you have a catastrophy in your art room, it usually stays that way.

There is a sign in my house that says, "I can't be creative and tidy too."

Which brings me to what my hubby calls "my Story of the day"...
Years ago, I was sent for my job to a days seminar to a place about 3 hours from home.  I rode with another lady that I knew but didn't know well enough to really call a friend.   She grew up in this small town, went away, and came back, settled down and raised kids.

We both were talking about the very essence of the sign I posted above.  She was telling me that her mothers house was always a wreck when she grew up.  But her mother was a very creative person.  She, however didn't inherit  her mothers knack.  As she grew up, she never wanted her house to look like her mothers but was saying that there had to be more to life than housework.

I was saying that my house is lived in and its "clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy."  She then said something that has stuck with me through all these years.  She said that she didn't want her headstone to say "She kept a clean house."  And at least her mothers legacy was the art that she would leave behind.

She's right, of course.

So now, about 15 years later, she and I are working on a community project.  While we sat on my front porch tonight discussing said project on this beautiful fall day,  I learn that she now is refurbishing some older homes. She has found a niche.  She walked into our home and it was the pits.  I don't have kids to blame it on anymore, just a 40 hour a week job and a dog.  And the art.... plenty of that scattered around.  Some things change, some things stay the same.

Maybe someday, my headstone might say, "had better things to do than housework."

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Blogtoberfest 10

Pictures.  I am blessed with pictures, pictures, pictures.  I have my own and my hubbys.  No small stack as we both have been photography enthusiasts our whole lives.

Since my folks have both passed, I have not only adopted the boxes upon boxes of theirs, but also most of the grandparents.  Thats ok, not complaining, I love them!  Not quite sure what MY kids will do with all of these someday, but that can't be my concern.

My hubbys parents are both gone now, and he adopted as much or more than I have.  We don't know some of the people in these pics, a reminder to all of us to make sure we write on the back of each and every picture: who, what, when.

With digital, I suppose that everyone will just keep their pics in their phones. or on their camera cards until, when?  Til that technology is outdated?  (Think albums, 8 tracks, cassettes, and now CDs are almost relics since everyone can access music on the web!  All of these were state of the art at one time!)

Anyway, I digress...
I came across some wonderful old pics of my grandparents.  These have to be early 1900's.  Love the fashions and the smiles.... (will my grandchildren ever run across pics of me when they're older?) they will probably be in some hard drive in the bottom of the ocean, or lost with a phone somewhere.

I found one, of my grandmother and a gentleman standing near a bi-plane.  It is fading, and the other day, I decided I would do something with it.  I scanned it of course, wanting to do something artistic with it, but as its black and white, should I colorize it?  Should I stay true to the date of the picture and stay black and white?  Paint? Colored pencil? Pastel? Airbrush? HOW?

Well I haven't done a pencil drawing in quite a while.  And I only used a mechanical, so nothing fancy-dancy.  Very basic tools.

I like the choice I made.  It needs to stay black and white to ring true to the flavor of how old this pic really is.  ( I know everyone saw color back then, but the film could only do B&W)

I remember a conversation with my Grandpa around the end of the 1970's.  He was telling me that he appreciated the time he got to spend on this earth. He got to see telephones, air travel, televisions, cars, lights, indoor plumbing, and computers come into existence.  That IS a pretty cool time to be around!  Like the day my Grandma stood next to this plane in a little remote place on a winters day in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - what a stir that must have caused!

I lost my Grandma in 1964 to Breast Cancer.  I am thinking I might put a little pink ribbon on the plane.  It IS Breast Cancer Awareness month, after all.

Lets take a vote!  Yes, pink ribbon, No, leave it alone.  Any opinions?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday, Blogtoberfest 8, 2013

Life teaches many lessons.  Life's stories makes great novels.  Its what interests us all...

I look at the experiences I have had, the people I have been able to meet.  The goods, the bads, and the uglys and I agree that EVERYTHING SHAPES US.

Like the first drafting room I was ever in.  The boss did not want a woman in his drafting room, so he gave me every rotten job to make me quit.  One of the older gents that worked with me kept telling me, " don't let it get you down, it will make you a better drafter in the end." And it did.  Another one of the older gents, who wasn't my biggest fan in the beginning, took me under his wing and showed me what I needed to know to succeed.  These guys and the other guys I worked with, actually gave me a surprise baby shower while I was working there.  I am forever grateful to these guys who probably never had gone to a shower before!

There were five of us girls on the softball team in 1982 that got engaged during the season.  We all got married within 6 weeks of each other in the fall after the season.  One girl did cakes, one did flowers, I did photography, others just helped decorate or cook... we all helped each other.  I look back and think what an awesome thing that was!

Years ago I was a volunteer for teenage girls that were in the juvenile detention center.  Kind of a big sister type thing.  You didn't really know if you were really getting through to them or if they were just humoring you.  But one of the girls, the one I didn't think I made any impression on, remembered and sent me a birthday card after she was released from the program.  She made sure she didn't put a return address, but made the effort and I took it as a thank you!

Kindnesses.  Yes its true.  The kindnesses last.  They say people may not always remember what you said or did, but how you made them feel.  I hope there are a few people that I have helped along the way.  And its not too late for any of us.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday, Blogtoberfest 7, 2013

Its that time of year again, the day is bright but chilly and little by little the Halloween decorations are coming out.   I thought, for my blog today, I would show you a treat I usually make for the people in my life for Halloween...

You will need:
A bag of Orange Slice candy,  (Or red cherry ones if you want to make apples instead of pumpkins - great for Teacher Appreciation Day!) Depending on the size of the bag and how many you want to make: Each pumpkin takes about 8...
A 1/2 cup measuring cup
cellophane wrap (kitchen saran wrap is what I use)
Florist Tape (Found at any florist, craft or garden shop.)

 Take a square of cellophane and lay it over the measuring cup.

Place about seven of the slices standing up all around the edge and one in the middle to hold them in place.

Draw the cellophane wrap up around the candies and use the florist tape to tie it off.  If you have never used florist tape, it gets sticky as you stretch it, so pull it as you make a half inch stem on top.

 Cut the excess cello off.

Take a little more tape and wrap the very top and pinch it closed. 
And Voila!  Cute little treats that won't break the bank!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Blogtoberfest 6, 2013

It's Sunday.
It's supposed to be a day of rest, but for those of us who work all week, the weekend is catch up.  There is laundry, housekeeping, bill paying, and you try to find a little fun and R&R too.

I am hoping to work in a little art time today, but I am in a creative slump.  I have tried to do a different technique just to jar something loose in the creative road block that I am into right now.  I didn't even have anything new to show at First Fridays this month, but I really couldn't take the shed I did, or the painting I did for my sister, (although she probably would have let me borrow it), and my friend Ellen DID offer her painting of Tootsie that I have done new, but I displayed all my animals last time, and wanted to display something different this time.

SO, with all due apologies to Jenny Horne, whose work I adore, I tried to do a technique that she has mastered, and I don't even get to lukewarm with....

This is painted over a painting that I painted the LAST time I was in a creative slump. So you see the dots in the middle that was from the last painting.... (I find its a perfect use for those paintings I am not in love with. Hopefully you don't do your best work with texture coming through from the last painting.  Been there, done that.)

But that mindblock just might be the Universe's way of saying that its time to pay attention to the house and the garden and to kick me out of the art room for awhile. (all of the above COULD use the attention, actually) (Heck, even my ARTROOM could use a little organization... when I am creating: 'I got no time for dat!')

Somewhere in the recesses in my mind I remember my mom saying 'Work Before Play'.  I guess this is a good time to do just that.  Have a happy Sunday everyone!
Signed, Cinderella.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday, Blogtoberfest 5, 2013

Funny thing...
I was reading something in a magazine (was it Oprahs?) the other day about mandalas, and thought they looked intriguing.  So I got online to read up on them a little.  I read things about therapy and how you draw a circle, and draw whatever you feel like drawing, within.  This circle takes a snapshot of your psyche at the very time of the drawing of said mandala. So you are to go with the flow, and just doodle what you want and at the end, notice what colors you picked, and what you think the design meant to you once done. If there is something in it that isn't exactly right, it is not meant to be right.

So I thought I would try it!  For those of you who are squeemish, be assured, the snapshot of my psyche is not as bad as I thought it might be...  and I will analyze it right here before your eyes, never done before...
OK, the analyzation... What this means to me....I think the colors show that I make do with what I have, because in the box of colored pencils, this red and blue, had the most 'tip' on them and I knew I could draw with them longer than all the other colors. (does that mean Practical? or Lazy enough not to go get a sharpener? would I have used other colors? not necessarily, so lets go with Practical.)  The pattern seems to be somewhat unbalanced and my drafters eye says I need to get my drafting tools out next time.... or perhaps, its the unbalanced part of my psyche. (teehee, I will let YOU decide...)  Although the imperfections are supposed to mean something too.  So, I am imperfect!  I have to deal with that!  The hearts might be significant, as my nuclear family; my hubby, our two sons and myself, I suppose, and as the 'compass points' the boys are north and west from us these days. (The one north is WAY north and the shorter 'arrow' might be UP and over) Way too far for Mama, but has to be for now.  There is an eye, I see now, in the middle of the pattern with leaves coming out, maybe Gods all seeing eye/universe/nature watching over all of us? Now that I look further, there are 4 eyes with leaves in the circle between us all, we keep an eye on each other over the distance?  OMG, maybe I hit something, because I just teared up.  The design around the outside might be the repetition of everyday life.
Wow!  those mandalas are good!  I just now saw the red dots on one side.  Was I not supposed to finish that, then?  Have no idea what those signify... my side of the equation? idk.

I didn't analyze it the other day and the next day started another one.

I think this was just for fun, because it is too symmetrical, and I don't feel inclined to color it.  I see those four hearts and the compass points yet though.

Funny thing... after I did these, I saw mandalas on a couple blogs I read. Do they subscribe to Oprah magazine too, or I suppose, they are not a revelation thought up by the Oprah folks- they have been around for years.  It just seemed funny that I read about them, did some, and then saw them on blogs all within 24 hours of each other. This is one of those coincidences that make you wonder if the universe is trying to tell  you something.

From time to time, I think I should do this again.   Maybe everyone should do this once or twice or everyotherday.

Have you ever tried it?  What are your thoughts on mandalas?  Have you done any?  Will you try it now?  There... a blog thought seed... see what you can do with it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Blogtoberfest 4, 2013

Good morning!  Look what we saw a few weeks ago!  Triplets!  Its the start of deer season around here, so I hope and pray for these creatures.  I just don't want to think about it!

This is different for me - blogging in the morning.  Actually I am eating breakfast while I type!  With First Fridays after work today, I didn't know if I would have time later to blog, so since I packed up the car with art last night, and the pooch has been out, I am ordering lunch today so I don't have to make one now, so I can multi-task and blog as I eat!

I am not a morning person.... getting me coherent in the morning usually takes mass quantities of coffee, and there hasn't been time to do that yet, other than a couple sips, so hopefully this blog will still be understandable.  Funny that my word of the year is sunshine, then, right?? (yeah, who picked that one???)

So, wanted to report back on the tile class....
They gave us a run down on the tile company, the founder, the history, what they do... then gave us a 4x4 pc of square clay and stamps and tools and things we could poke in to design with, I started with a stamp that I didn't like much, but since I impressed it deep, had to work with.  I made it look like a pot of tulips, but on the ride home, thought of a bazillion things that I could have done instead.  Thats me though... can't think when I am being tested, but thoughts flood in later!
Anyway, the whole class was done in one hour.  And the way that THEY do those tiles is definitely not the way we did them.  Would I do it again?  Sure.  With friends, and dinner and wine after.

First Fridays has me set up at a Hydroponics supply place tonight... and good weather is predicted. 

Well, breakfast is gone, I have makeup to do and shoes to put on, and 10 to get on the road.  Have a great day and will see you back here tomorrow!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Blogtoberfest 3, 2013

Well, in a little bit I am off to take the previously mentioned Tile class.  I guess I am going it alone.  I asked a couple people that I thought would be interested, and seems everyone else have other things to do today.  I am geeked and the evening is clear from other things, so very excited to do this.  The weather here is even not so wonderful as it has been so I won't mind sitting indoors.

A couple more art pieces from ArtPrize:
Sometimes art comes from the simplest things:

 This was one of many around town, looking like Fortune cookie wisdom.  This one was about 4 ' high and there were a lot more like it, and in each planter box through the downtown area there were smaller ones (as you see by the second one.).

This one was just adorable:

 It was great to see ArtPrize.  I feel privledged to live close enough to be able to go.
 Well, thats it for today.  Will let you know how this class was tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday, Blogtoberfest 2, 2013

ANYTHING can be a canvas!  

ArtPrize 2013, Grand Rapids Michigan  Sept 25, 2013

(not my work but some I liked)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Blogtoberfest 1, 2013

So here it is, October! As I am looking at my calendar, I am deciding what to blog about today.
October is Halloween (31st), Sweetest Day (19th), The Hubs and My anniversary (30th).

Thursday, I am taking a make-it-take-it class on Motawi Tiles:
I Can't WAIT!!!!

And I am displaying my art at First Fridays this week too!  

The Blues and Brews Festival is coming up mid month, (hope to get there this year!)  as is The Graze to Raise 5K walk that Hubs and I have done every year in memory of his dad.  Thats a 5K walk where every 1/8th of a mile or so you stop to sample something delish from one of the restaurants in town.  All proceeds go to the local Cancer Center. 

The leaves are changing in this neck of the woods and I would say at about 15% color at this time.  This tree down the street is always every color: yellow, orange, red, purple, fuchsia, that hot pink, green... its this pretty on an overcast day, imagine what it looks like in the sun!  I am always inspired by God's work.

For some reason, I am really reluctant to go pull out the fall decorations.  I have the fall wreath hanging, but just don't know if I want to do any more than that this year.  The kids are gone, its Hubs' busy season, so I guess I'd be decorating for just me.  Me doesn't want to pack it all away later.

I DID find a easy-peasy recipe for Pumpkin muffins and made them!  A 15oz can of pumpkin mixed with a yellow cake mix. Pour in muffin cups, bake 20 mins @ 350 and voila! Pretty darn good unfrosted, but would be totally undeniable with a little cream cheese frosting! And low cal. Come to think of it, Fall is a good baking season!

Its also homecoming week this week here.  We live half a block from the school so we see a lot of the festivities - and the homecoming parade will be going by the house after school on Friday!  GO CATS!

OH, I almost forgot one of the best parts about October!
Its HOCKEY SEASON!! And the TIGERS are in Post Season, too!  YAY!   So hopefully will have a lot to post about.   I hope to get a couple things done in the artroom tonight so I can have something to blog about tomorrow. 

This might be fun. 
Ok, Day ONE is DONE!