Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday, Blogtoberfest 25, 2013

 Fall Harvest Sale item #3. (the painting not the dog)  I just cant get a good pic of it. And then our pug decided he wanted to lay right there while I was taking pics.  He's such a ham!  The colored leaves are very bright colored

So heading into the weekend, grateful for it being Friday, going out with friends tonight, running errands and cleaning house tomorrow, trick or treat tomorrow night, and a chill day scheduled for Sunday.  (read: PAINT DAY!)

I have a Gypsy Wagon to make by Halloween. I also need to make some treats for friends for TorT tomorrow night.  Guess that will keep me busy.



  1. Happy Friday!
    I am having a similar problem photographing the leaves outside our back door. They look okay, but so much better in real life.

  2. Photobombed by the pug!!!! Great job!


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