Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Blogtoberfest 18, 2013

So, I told you about the upcoming Harvest Sale at work, and a few days ago, I showed you the old cabinet doors that I had to work with .  Here is what I have so far, although I want to touch up some of the lettering tonight and do something with the hole that is under the little yellow flower on the bottom... trying to come up with something that is a little better than using that....

 (Please don't mind the artroom mess.... )

A little thing I found on Pinterest... (LOVE that site) and this was soooo easy it stinks.  I am thinking of filling the ball jars with Halloween trail mix and giving them to my special buddies.

Here are the ingredients for the Halloween Trail Mix that I make:

A bag of M&M's
A bag of chocolate morsels
A bag of white chocolate morsels  ( sometimes you can find the white and brown striped ones that work and look nice in the mix)
You can put half bags in too, and include some butterscotch chips

A bag of  Candy corns
A jar of blanched peanuts
A box of raisins ( I like the white raisins, but it really doesn't matter I used dark today) (This makes it health food!) ;)
Dump in a big bowl with a lid and shake.  Done!

You can adjust to your taste.  

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