Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

Its the last Sunday in September.  Something about that makes me sigh.  You can't stop the time, or seasons, or whats coming down the road, I guess.  Just a passing of another good summer, and hoping to survive another winter.  The older I get, the more me and Ol' Man Winter go 'round, ya know?
I am going to try to join the Blogtoberfest 2013 with encouragement from my friend, Shells, from Shellsinthebush.  She assures me that if I don't keep up, there will be no condemnation.  Therefore, I will try again to blog everyday.  These 'everyday' things usually stump me after a week or two, but I am going to try again to make the commitment.  Stay tuned...

Besides, it will give me a chance to tell you about ArtPrize (that I went to this week) and stuff.

This week, however, besides the ArtPrize experience, I finally was able to finish the shed that I started and hadn't finished for Lisa... It looked like this:
 And then for a week or two it looked like this, which was OK but it still needed something....
 And now it looks like this!  And she loves it!  Mission accomplished!
And just in time for the post-season!  :)

So, will see you more often for Blogtoberfest, which starts officially on Tuesday!  Looking forward to the new adventure!  Stay tuned!

Sunshine PS:  This just jumped out at me at ArtPrize on Wednesday...out of all of the signs, this one came through loud and clear. Sharing the sunshine here with you to brighten your day.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Sept 19, 2013

On DAY 5 of this nastystupidcrappyyukky touch of a head cold.  (Wait... did I say touch?  Touched with a sledgehammer, maybe.)  This 'thing' has taken my sleep, my thoughts, my balance, my sense of taste and my gumption.  And to top it all off?  I sound like Froggy from the Lil Rascals!  I don't even feel like painting. (omg, you know it has to be bad!)

SO...I will tell you whats new.  Or at least what was new before the crud set in...

I gave the painting of the little girl on the beach, (see last post) to my sister, (for her birthday) who is always at my First Fridays and is one of my biggest fans.  I thought of her as I was painting it.  She loves kids, and just looked like something she would like.  AND, BONUS!  I think she does!


Next, is the big surprise I told you about.  Well it was a surprise, but only half of one, because between my schedule, the weather, and this 'crud' that has been keeping me on "SUBDUE".
My friend Dale wanted to give his girlfriend, Lisa an early birthday present.  So while they were on vacay, I was supposed to do a Detroit Tiger painting on the shed.  
The night I wanted to do it, and it was beautiful out, I unfortunately had to be at the funeral home. So the next night was rainy.  The next night I got this done, before it started to blow and big heavy clouds came:
With all good intentions for the next evening and the weekend, I then came down with the crud.
It looks unfinished. 
I wanted to paint the trim or put a baseball behind the "D" or something, but I could barely get up off the couch, much less paint something on a step ladder.
As it was, Lisa came home last night and was thrilled and surprised with what she had, but I told her we could finish it anyway she wanted.  I really didn't mean to leave it like this, although if I was going to stop mid stream, this would be the place. And Lisa can decide how she'd like to see it.  I will post when we decide to finish it off.  


The benefit auction item was for our own Fire Dept Capt who is battling leukemia.  I wanted to donate a piece of art and wasn't sure what to do... but happened to see a nekkid birdhouse in my art room and knew right then, what had to be done...:
It was finished with my last ounce of energy, before I deflated.  But, I was glad I was able to help, and I happen to know who got it and they are thrilled! ANOTHER BONUS!  If you could, please keep our Capt. in your thoughts and prayers, that would be the biggest BONUS of all.  Thank you.

PS: Remember I told you, last post, that the universe sends me SUNSHINE in funny ways?  I thought of that statement this morning when the first email I opened said, "Here ya go, Sunshine..."  

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9,2013 Monday

Just a quick snippet... remember our WORD for the year?  Mine was 'sunshine'.  Just about once each day the universe sends me 'sunshine' in one form or another, and not just the look-up-in-the-sky and see it kind either!  Like this fortune in my cookie this weekend:
(Again with the vertical thing... whats up with that???)

Anyway, I told you about the school science class that needed artwork?  Well, they are building an Aquaponics display, and needed a sign.  The school mascot is a cougar and I hope you can see the pawprint in the design.  It needs to be done by Wednesday. Have a slogan going across the bottom yet.

Still working on the benefit auction item, and the mural, both which have this weekend as deadlines.  I can do it!  Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept. 7 2013 Saturday

Its funny that every once in a while, like a bus lets out or a neon sign goes off, people ask me for help of the art kind.  I have about 4 of those projects on the list at the moment.  Wish me luck.  I hope I can do everything and not disappoint.  Will post as I get them done.
By the way...
My friend Ellen loved her portrait of Tootsie that I showed you in a previous post. I didn't want to charge her, we have been friends for over 30 years and she lost her dog! I am thrilled that she liked it, (she says she LOVES it!) and I was able to help her remember her beloved Tootsie.  But, she not only took me out to lunch but gave me a card of thanks with a gift certificate to the art store.  She knows that's my happy place!  And it supports my habit.  :) BONUS! (She's such a sweetie.)

While I was up north last week we got to spend a couple hours out on the beach while waiting for my son.  I took a picture of a little girl on the beach, and couldn't wait to paint it.  Here's what I came up with:
I think its going to be a birthday present for one of my biggest fans, because of all the support I have gotten from her.  Shhhh... just in case she is reading....

The rest of the "to-do" list holds a mural, a sign for a science room at school, and something for a silent auction for a friend battling leukemia at the moment.  And on my own list, I really need to finish the picnic table in the back yard.  Should be good weather this weekend.

Always a new challenge.  Looks like I will be in paint clothes every waking minute for a while anyways (ok, maybe not at work!).  Funny how things come down the pike...lifes challenges, and opportunity for growth.. stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday September 4, 2013

I hope you had a nice Labor Day and that your summer went well.  We went up north to help College kid move, but honestly, he had it pretty much under control.  Which left some time for Mom and Dad to enjoy the scenery.  The only thing about his new place is he can't have his dog. Sooo, we brought the dog home for safe keeping.  How can you refuse this face:

For some reason this comes in vertically where it is horizontal in my files. Anyway, I hope you don't get a crick in your neck looking at him.

My friend Ellen just lost her dog after many years. I hope she likes my rendition of her girl, Tootsie.

The trip up north has given me plenty of ideas for upcoming paintings.  Stay tuned!