Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

Its the last Sunday in September.  Something about that makes me sigh.  You can't stop the time, or seasons, or whats coming down the road, I guess.  Just a passing of another good summer, and hoping to survive another winter.  The older I get, the more me and Ol' Man Winter go 'round, ya know?
I am going to try to join the Blogtoberfest 2013 with encouragement from my friend, Shells, from Shellsinthebush.  She assures me that if I don't keep up, there will be no condemnation.  Therefore, I will try again to blog everyday.  These 'everyday' things usually stump me after a week or two, but I am going to try again to make the commitment.  Stay tuned...

Besides, it will give me a chance to tell you about ArtPrize (that I went to this week) and stuff.

This week, however, besides the ArtPrize experience, I finally was able to finish the shed that I started and hadn't finished for Lisa... It looked like this:
 And then for a week or two it looked like this, which was OK but it still needed something....
 And now it looks like this!  And she loves it!  Mission accomplished!
And just in time for the post-season!  :)

So, will see you more often for Blogtoberfest, which starts officially on Tuesday!  Looking forward to the new adventure!  Stay tuned!

Sunshine PS:  This just jumped out at me at ArtPrize on Wednesday...out of all of the signs, this one came through loud and clear. Sharing the sunshine here with you to brighten your day.

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  1. Great job on the shed! Thanks for joining in on Blogtoberfest!


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