Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

So, Sunday last week...

I have a friend who inherited her moms old wooden ironing board.   She collects snowmen, so she asked if I could paint a one on it.  Sure! She said she trusted me, but she gave me this:
Which is cute but is from someone elses blog or pinterest or somewhere, so of course, I didn't want to copy.  I decided to wing it and did this, instead.  I hope she likes it.
In the pic above you can see the magazine rack that another friend wants me to do 'something' with.  Thinking.....thinking... something will come to me.  Blog fodder for another day.

I am still working on the 'chest of labels'.  There are corners turning up that need to be re-glued, and trimming and a little filling in.  Working on it a little at a time.

A friend who is opening a new restaurant asked if I could work up a new logo for the diner, and I was able to do about a dozen; Half of them are what she asked for, half of them are what I think will print better for t-shirts, menus and other uses.  I will give it a couple days, look at them again and give her a few of the best ones. 

I also have been doing a couple design things for the All School Reunion next week.  What I did is a part of a bigger picture, so hopefully next week, I can snap a pic of it and show it next week.

I am still working on the trash can, but need time to just play with the chop saw.  Apparently using it in my hubby's garage is about as welcome as him coming in with muddy feet on my clean floors.  Who knew?  So, will wait until I have time to drag it out to the driveway and work on it.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturday July 18, 2015

So wine bottles on Friday.  Birch trees on Saturday.  Who knows what happens on Sunday!

While the Hubs is away, I have to play.  This time someone elses Hubby was away too!  Recipe for Trouble? (notice the Capital T?)  I think NOT! (Not like that has ever happened before...)(insert rolling eyes emoticon here)

Our cousin Marge, wants to surprise her hubby with a family tree, of sorts, on the den wall of their beautiful condo.  She called me asking if I could paint a tree on the wall for the hanging of all the family photos. SURE!

The wall she was looking to do is red. I suggested a white birch, as a black or brown tree would be too dark.  The trim in the room was white and she has black wrought iron accents in the room. She hadn't considered a birch tree before and loved the idea.  So thats exactly what we did. 

I didn't want to post before he saw it, (why? I don't know,  I am pretty sure he doesn't read my blog.  Or if he even knows I HAVE a blog, because I am pretty sure a 70ish year old guy, hip as he is, would fall asleep reading this blog, unless of course, it has something about Basketball or Golf on it. Sorry, Larry, you won't find that here. lol.)

Anyway, she texted me after it was done to say again how much she liked it.  When Larry got home, she texted and said he doesn't even want pics hung on it!  (She is going to fight that battle!)  But so glad they both are so happy with it.
 We considered putting leaves on it, but Marge liked the winter tree look, (and really, green leaves I think would have looked Christmas-y, and yellow ones would have added another color to the room), and since she is covering it with pictures anyway, she didn't feel it needed it.

 I posted the one below because neither of these pics show the wall color exactly.  It is nowhere near the purple-y color (notice all the bluish colors overall?) above,  nor the orangy color below (the tree is better recorded on the blue one though).   But the camera does its own thing sometimes.  The wall is actually a pretty, deep red.   Red is the hardest color for a camera, film or printing ink to record and reproduce.
So I told her she will have to invite me over when she gets the photos hung, (and trust me, she will get that done! Sorry Larry), and I will see if she would mind if I posted it here. 

Sundays coming!  Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday July 18,2015

While Hubs is away... I have to play...

So what do you do with 100 to 125 empty wine bottles?  And an old footlocker?  Maybe I should start at the beginning of my story.

A lady at work who LOVES a good auction, bought 17 footlockers, (not old or expensive, but storage type kind that you might send your kid to college with).  When she was telling me about them, she called them chests.  She really didn't know what to do with all of them but when I told her that I might be interested in buying one from her, she brought one into work to give to me.

Fast forward a couple years, and this footlocker is still in our garage.  Long ago, I had taped off all the brass corners,and the lock on the front and primed it in white, because no matter WHAT I did with it, it would need white basecoat. 

Back up a year or so.  I had an idea to ask all my facebook friends to send me their wine labels for an art piece that was floating around in my head.  Voila!

I used a lot of them but not all of them.  Between my friend Christy and I, (lol, for not being BIG winers, we had kept bottles for YEARS, and she has hosted several parties, including those paint and wine parties, - she had LOTS!) we had a bunch of labels. Well, we spent five hours last night peeling labels off of bottles and decoupaging them onto said footlocker.  We quit after midnight, but we are still not done. 
We found that if you put the bottles in the oven at 250 for about 15 minutes, and using an oven mitt and a thin blade knife, it warms the glue and you can peel most, but not all, labels off, which we stuck to wax paper until we were ready for them.  Fact:  they must use different glue for back labels than front labels.  Those are harder to get off.  Just don't put bottles in water until cooled! 

Once we got a head start, Christy started gluing.  I had the leftovers from my art piece, and some brand new ones that I got at the Wine tasting event we went to for the last couple years.
There is still a lot of white showing, and we have about 20 more bottles to get the labels off of yet.  At this point, there are still corners curling up that need extra glue and some trimming that needs to be done, but what a cool storage place for more wine, possibly in front of the couch as a coffee table.  (Or should I say WINE table?)  And you can lock it up when the babysitter comes over! 

So now we have, oh, say, maybe a hundred clean nekkid wine bottles.  What should we do with those?  We are trying to devise a way to construct a chair for the Chair-ity Auction with them.  We have our thinkin caps on, and will probably have to ponder over a glass of Riesling. 

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday July 13th, 2015

I have a lot of scraps after working on those wood samples.  My hubby was going to throw them away, so I had to show him what you could do with all those 'throw aways'.  This is about 3x5. and I have to find a way to finish off the edges, but I kinda like it!

 A couple other scrappy things... both less than 6x6 inches.

But this is a waste basket for my kitchen that I bought at the farmers market, in naked wood.  I am experimenting with some of the wood samples that I have... I definitely have plenty!  However, this thing is pretty heavy on its own.  Hubs says its going to be tornado proof, so if we have a tornado, we are both going to hold on to the wastebasket.   I am going to stain it first and then lay in some of this wood. Maybe in this design, maybe something else.  Or all 4 sides different.
Stay tuned!