Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday November 30, 2015

The local arts and crafts show is this weekend, and in keeping with my word for 2015, (lighten) I am going to get in to get rid of some of the load.  Just hoping to make booth rent.

That being said, I am in a creative jag at the moment, that just has my mind zipping from one project to another.  Not helpful.

After the boys left yesterday, from what was a really great Thanksgiving that I thoroughly enjoyed, the house was too quiet, and I was too tired, and too creatively distracted to just sit here and cry about missing the kids.  So since I have two paintings in mind, (one is my Christmas painting) and no canvas, we took a road trip 35 miles to a big art supply that I don't get to very often.

While there, we decided that we haven't done anything for the cemeteries for the holidays yet and we also picked up things to make wreaths.I made five and after this pic was taken added a red bow to each. There are red holly berries and different greens that the pic doesn't show.  They really are prettier than what shows. 

Then, during the summer, I made a couple of these concrete hand planters.  I was looking for air fern  ever since and hadn't been able to find it, but I found some fake cactus that I really think works well with them.  SO, finished those too! Nice to get them off my counter in the kitchen. (now what to do with them?)

I also picked up a couple things for experiments of some ideas shooting around in my head.  I really need to do something around the house... to many ideas, so little time!

I did decorate the front porch for Christmas and put up my manger scene.   As far as I am concerned, until the tree goes up, the rest can wait.  At least til the craft show is over.  Wish me luck.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I post a lot of grateful things on my page throughout November, but this one is the bestest one I found this year.  Maybe because lately, I feel that there are some people in my life whose actions towards me are a puzzle to me and I hope none of my words and actions encouraged such actions.  On the other hand, if it wasn't me, was it them?  In which case, there is nothing I can do about it.
Someone once told me, that someday all the truth comes out.   You will see why people do the things they do.  Its nice to know that God knows my heart, and I am grateful for that.

This also reminds me to give others a break.  We never know what path other people have to walk, and what they have to carry.  Only God knows what all their burdens are.  Everyone is learning, trying endeavoring to be everything they were created to be.  Give them all a break in this rough world.


Its time to start to open my thoughts to my new years WORD.  Last years word was LIGHTEN.  Lightening the load, like getting rid of half done projects and get them out of the way.  And I think I have done a good job of that.  There is evidence of that in this blog.  I feel good about that and I am going to continue to do that in the new year, as its not just a years worth but an effort put forth through in all aspects of my life.

The ladies that started "the Word" say to open up your mind and thoughts and your word will usually choose you.  You will know it when it comes to you, or you may have to savor it a while to see if it fits, but two years ago, I did a do-over from the year before with "Sunshine" that I liked, but was a desperate attempt to invite more sunshine, and therefore, was more of a forced attempt than a prophetic one.  This year, I start now to open my mind, to listen to what comes to me, to hopefully find what I need to declare for 2016.

Well, my dishes to pass for this Thanksgiving, need to come out of the oven.  I hope anyone reading this today has a joyous healthy Happy Thanksgiving and is grateful for everything that touches their lives.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday November 21, 2015

Today I stayed home from the myraid of holiday craft shows that is happening around the area.  Decided since I will be having company this next week, I really need to get some things done around here.  We are under our first Winter storm advisory anyway.

This week, I tried something that I saw on Pinterest...
 Looks easy, right?  Notsomuch.  I used Black straight pins for the eyes, an electrical cap for the nose and I dropped a little can of hairspray and broke the cap the other day.  As I was about to throw a piece away, I thought, HEY, wait a minute... that would be the perfect smile on my snowman! And so it is!

A doodle while watching the game on TV last night.
 Today I am finishing some little doodads that have been on my bench a while to abandon them to some unsuspecting victim.... will show you when I get them done! 
Stay tuned!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday November 16, 2015

Well, They loved the rooster, and will be sending a check.  AND, they want me to do another addition!  Yea! 

Over the weekend I decided that if I am going to get into a Christmas Craft show that there are several things in the art room that I can 'shovel out'.  You know, that New Years Rez that I am still keeping up with.  (pat on back for me here!)

These are pieces of recycled things that have been keeping residence in the art room half finished, so this weekend I got them finished, and Hubs put them together today... I hope they sell!
I posted them online tonight, and although people think they are cute, no bites...

Well, thats all I have for now...  have to go work on that 'addition'...stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10 2015

Tuesday night.  Hubs is teaching a class and I have, (surprise!!) my paint clothes on.  I just finished slapping a coat of clear coat on my latest piece of work.  Its on its way to our new improved Village Restaurant, if they like it, if not, I will bring it back home.

This is the painting I had a dream about, and I dreamt it hung in said restaurant.  I knew that morning that I would have to eventually do the piece.  When I was visiting with the ladies that are opening up the restaurant, I told them about the dream and they got excited about it.  SO, hopefully it stands up to expectation.  I am excited about it and hope it finds a home there.
I actually had that chicken dream before I was asked to do that other chicken.  And I thought maybe that was the one that was going to be the answer to the dream, but nope, I didn't stop thinking about this one.  This is just about the same way I envisioned it too ~ airbrushed sky,  chicken crowing on the fence in front of the dawn, and the barn and trees.  I debated about writing Good Morning across the top, but decided against it.  Its about 30 x 40, by the way. 

Wish me luck.  Delivery soon.  Stay tuned!