Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday, the last day of June. :(

I can't believe its the last day of June already!  Slow down Summer! I guess its because your busier in the summer that it seems like it goes by so fast, and definitely faster than January!  We have been attending grad parties, and art festivals, (missed a couple because we couldn't fit it all in!) and doing the maintenance on the house that you can't do in winter, along with all the working, laundry, etc.

We finished the deck rail painting that didn't get done last year.  The front of the garage is now painted.  Its been ugly for a while.  Next, the side porch and the doors!  It feels like we have had three solid weeks of rain here, so not conducive to painting outdoors. 

Since last I wrote:
 This is as far as I have gotten with this... its glued at this point and not sure whether to lay another color in around it or not yet.  I haven't been thrilled with the choices yet, so maybe it will just stay like this.  I like the windmill look.
 Always on the lookout for natures beauty.  These bull thistles are beautiful but deadly.  Have you seen the THORNS these produce? 
Found some tile samples at the Habitat Restore, that I have been playing with to add another texture to these.  Love going to the Restore!  Did you know that donating things to the Restore helps with refurbishing Habitat homes for people needing homes?  And buying from there, raises money needed to do the same?  Win, win!

Fresh strawberry time here and this one was a bonus! and the pan of Strawberry muffins below were DEEE-LISH!  Double bonus!

 Love this mix of impatiens all over the yard this year.  They make me happy!  Hope it brightens your day too!  Stay  tuned!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday June 22, 2015

It was a wonderful Fathers Day but some of the fun is yet to happen.  The boys got The Hubs tickets to the baseball game so when our youngest gets home next week, Fathers Day will be somewhat prolonged. Hope anyone reading this also had a great day.

Well, letsee, since last I wrote:
My oar for the Arts Festival was doing fairly well in the auction (last I saw at about 4pm), the festival went until 6, so hopefully raised some money for the association.

I have been fascinated by barn quilts lately, and thought I would try my hand at some.  I am not overjoyed at my attempts, but maybe they will look better up on the barn. They both are 24x24.  We'll see...

The fun continues with all these sample wood pieces.  This is all recycled ~ the backing, the frame and design.
Layed these out but they aren't glued yet.
I have two paintings running around in my head, fermenting.... no wine before its time, ya know,
but the garage and dining room table are filled with wood pieces, so painting may have to wait til later.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday June 14th, Flag Day, 2015

Happy Flag day!   My flag is flying on the front porch, is yours?

A lot has gone on since last I wrote:  
I think I told you about the piece that was chosen for our County Library's Summer art exhibition, so since I last wrote I attended an Artist Reception there.

I was trying to replicate the peonies in the garden, but decided the Lords artwork was much better. 
It always is.

 This is a little 3x3 canvas that made me happy.

 I went to a Detroit Tiger baseball game with some cousins and had a great time.  Being in the city, especially at night, gives me new sights to ruminate about... you just don't see things like the shot below where I live... that might be for future artistic ventures.

 This is an oar for the local Lake Art Festival. It should be auctioned off next week.

 This sketch was from my very first Sit and Sketch.  Our local art club arranged a night, (it turned out to be beautiful weather!) where we just parked our chairs and sketched for a couple hours and then did kind of a show and tell over dinner and drinks.  FUN!  Hope we have more of those!  I have never done anything like this before, and I think it might have given me the courage to do a Plein Aire event coming up.

 I helped a friend do a 12 foot tree in her living room.  She was thrilled with it! This isn't finished by the way, just as far up as I helped.  She had to get a taller ladder to finish the top, the next day.

The next few pics are from some recycled objects that would have ended up in the dumpster if I didn't snag them first.  These are outdated countertop and cabinetry samples, along with some cabinet doors that were irregular.  Too pretty to fill a landfill, dontcha think?  So although a chop saw scares the begeesus out of me, I faced my fears:

^ Marble countertop samples that I am going to make a table out of, eventually.  ^

These are wood color samples cut down to make designs on old cabinet doors:

So there you have it.  Its what I have been up to lately.  I suppose I better catch up on the drudgery items on my list, (read: laundry, bills, housework) - enough playing around!

Stay tuned!