Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Sept. 29, 2016

An old friend asked me if I could paint something for her again.  Last year, I think I blogged here that I painted an old oar that her hubby had with a fish as a gift for him for Christmas.  I did, and he loved it.  Here is what it looked like:


This year, she asked me if I could paint a window that came out of his childhood home, that would look like a bird on a branch outside of the window.  A cardinal, please.  Sure.  I don't think its a gift, but a request.  Something sentimental for the gentleman, please.

When I got it from her, there was  a crack across the top pane and she said not to worry about that. Doesn't need to be painted.  OK.  So I did.  Here is how it turned out...
Close up
 whole view>>

I have heard some say that when a cardinal is near so are your loved ones from heaven. 

I hope this hangs in their home for many years to come.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday September 25, 2016

 This was such a nice weekend!  I took Friday off and we went to Art Prize in Grand Rapids MI.  Artists from all over display works of art that are 2D, 3D, Video, etc.   Although there is no way you could do the whole thing, it was evident that there weren't as many entries as past years, and there were less "WOW's".  The public votes on the displays and the winner in each category wins big money. In fact there might be a 2nd and 3rd in each category also.    My very favorite painting was not even in the competition, but was displayed in a foyer:
 This Lion was my favorite.
 This art of the Chicago Bean is all from duct tape!
 She is fired ceramic.  Well done!
 Paper collage.
 Bed springs.

 And a tree made from wires with lights that change color!

I found other things very impressive too, but wanted to show the diversity of the art.

Well as promised my last blog, here is what I came up with for the kids chairs from the ReStore.
I LOVE the ReStore!  Its official name is the Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.   Everything in there is donated and when you buy from the donated items there, the money goes toward Habitat for Humanity and the fixing up of homes for low income folks. Win! Win!   Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday September 19, 2016

This week:

 I fell in love with this painting by Frank Giovingo so I bought a print from him. 
 I found ten of these kid sized old metal folding chairs at the ReStore.  Can you figure out what I am going to do with them with the one I have base coated?  Next post!
Here is a keyboard of an old piano that a friends Dad found in a house he is refurbishing.  He was just going to throw it away, but you know me... 
Kinda pretty once you clean it all up.  Took me better part of a day just to clean every key and the pin board it went on.
Stay tuned on this too.

A cupboard door here,
A cupboard door there....

I was supposed to be in a small, close-to-the-art-festival-but-not-quite yesterday.  It poured.  I cancelled in the morning when I heard that we were possibly getting thundershowers.  I feel bad, but on the other hand, I don't have a whole lot that can get wet, and I wasn't the only one that cancelled.

Remember last year when we had the Bonsai display?  It was today.  I started a piece, and the due date snuck up on me and I didn't get it finished.  I just didn't get it done in time.  But I went to the Artist Reception today anyway.

So, stay tuned.  New things coming!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Wednesday of September

Happy September!  I am not a cold weather person, so the end of summer usually bums me right out, but today is 92 smouldering degrees with 90 % humidity.  Its been a very hot, very uncomfortable summer, even for me.  The thermostat being turned down a little would be welcomed.

I just threw this together thinking it was going somewhere, but I think my mind was on vacay already.  We're back now and enjoyed the time away!  Spent time with our son the college student.  Good for the soul!
I tried to tell The Hubs that when you see creativity that you like you should buy it.  Doesn't matter that this bottle has dry red wine in it and I like sweet.  The bottle is awesome.  Its creative.  Besides, I have to have wine for my friends who like the dry stuff in the house.  Dontcha think?  And that bottle is brilliant!
 While on vacation, I walked up these stairs at just the right time of day.  I had to take a pic of the shadowplay.  How cool is that?

Then, something just said, FALL to me and I painted one of the cupboard doors that I have around here.  I will do another soon.
 Well, thats about it for now.  I should be displaying at an art festival soon, and I want to go to Art Prize, although changing plans and in the middle of the thicket at the moment.

Stay tuned!