Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22, 2014

Wow, I must have fallen asleep there at the proverbial blog wheel.

There are art exhibitions being planned in our neck of the woods.  I am looking forward to contributing what I can.  Its exciting, and I am even a little surprised that I want to participate.... it shows my confidence level has risen.  I am actually attending an art, wine and cheeze event tonight and very excited to be going!  I haven't really contributed to this one, but can't wait to go and looking forward to meeting some of the local artists and what they come up with!

Feeling a little uninspired.  Need to use the down time to whip some semblance into the art room.  I usually work on something while watching TV or relaxing at night.   I decided that as long as I am not feeling something new maybe I could finish something old.  You may remember this woodpecker drawing from last year, but I hadn't filled in the background.  Its boring.  I know, I know! You're going to say: I need to fill the backgrounds with something interesting.  But, in my portrait photography years, you blur the background to focus attention to the foreground, aka your subject.  So putting a lot of detail in the background goes against what I've learned.  I agree, though, that I have a lot to learn about backgrounds when it comes to art.   Hopefully I'll get better with them. On the other hand, this looks better than the white background that it was for about a year.  And if it doesn't? Too bad, its not going to get erased.
And its done. Today, I will back it and get it presentable. 

I have been doing other creative things, I organized and ran a Pi Day (3.14) / Pie Day sale at work for  donations for Habitat for Humanity.  I am presently refurbing an old pole lamp, and since I can't paint it until I can spray outside, (its still at freezing temps here ) I have begun the *%$!*^)* job of recovering the lampshade.  (Can you tell it isn't going so well??)   I walk away and come back to it, then walk away and come back. I will either have it done before the weather shapes up enough to paint outside, or I won't have to spend the money on the paint.  Its IT or ME!

I'm trying to keep up with Journal52 too.  I think I am still a little behind, but some ideas come easier than others. 
This past week was "Stars". This was not my first thought for the verse, but right after I got the prompt for the week, I also got one of those FB 'Messages from God' that said this.  So I put two and two together.
 A week or two ago, the prompt was "Paint Chips" I found some I had around the house for another reason, and just felt uninspired. 
So, while my hubby was at Lowes the other day, I stood at the paint chart display.  (This is good at this time of year, when I need the bright light and colors after a lonnnnng winter and spring has not yet begun to get pretty. )  First I just took in the beautiful colors under the bright lights.  Hmmmm. Am I the only one who does this?
I asked myself what am I drawn to?  Answer:  Most of it!
Then I asked, what is the least appealing color on here to you.? (what makes my nose scrunch and what makes other peoples are not the same, I am smart enough to know)  And I found it.  Then I set upon finding accent colors that made that color better.  Tolerable. I found three other colors that made that one color look good to me.  Color is relative.  And like life, its what you make of it.
I have my paint chips, and still don't have a plan, but one step closer to what I want to put out there... that everything can be enhanced to be better than it seems.
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, final day of blog challenge

Yep.  I don't think that blog was for me.  Today it wanted me to make a list of goals.  I don't do goals.  Goals are frustrating things that life usually throw out of the way.  I don't even usually make reservations for vacations!  Just stop where we find a place, wherever that may be.  We have set off on vacation not wanting to be anywhere in particular at any time in particular.  That would drive some people nuts, I know.   I have obtained graduating, getting married, having kids and a house, and a job, the rest should not be planned out to the umpth degree, I'm sorry.
I guess if you want to GO PLACES with it, or MAKE A LIVING with it, I can see setting a goal for it.  But I don't.   Its my respite, my outlet, my relaxation.

I think that if you are goal oriented, you might just miss something in the present you need to see.  Stop and smell the roses!

So, I just don't think that blog thing and I were getting along.  I could make a lot more art during the time I would be making lists of goals!  I have already said I don't do it for the money, so before I felt redundant, I decided to quit that blog thing.   I'll keep an eye on it, and if there is something I want to answer, I will here.

And your calling shouldn't start by wearing a price tag.  Its as simple as that.  Maybe that is why I have a hard time charging for my work.  But if you like it, I am delighted!

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, day 3

Day 3  Post your favorite work.

Well, its hard to pick a favorite.  I have some with special memories,  like the one that I call Wet Kiss, but the memory behind it was we were on a family vacation walking down the middle of Washington DC when it started raining, and my son, who is a budding photographer, snapped the pic that I painted it from.  So it was a great vacation, and it was in collaboration with my son.  And I like how it turned out!  It also ended up being on the front page of the paper to advertise a local art event!  So it gained popularity!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014

“Where” is your creative work going? Envision yourself and your work five years or more from now.
  • Who are you and what do you see your work as “being”?
  • How is your work “evolving” and “becoming”?
  • What about your work inspires you? Inspires others?
  • Where are you going and what are you doing after this (five-year) point in the future?
As you envision your creative future, you are invited to think BIG and write as vividly and descriptively as you can.
One fun approach to a prompt like this is to write an article about yourself from the perspective of a journalist reporting on your work and writing a laudatory article for a prestigious publication five years from now.
I see my work as "being" scenes from everyday life.  Although I appreciate some awesome work of others with fantastic colors and patterns that I would love to try, I am more of a realist, which might appeal to more people, but is definately IN the box.  I usually work from a picture, but have done some things out of my head, with mixed results.  Sounds boring, doesn't it?  At least it does to me.  I hope to press the constraints of the box more in the future.  Maybe paint something a color it shouldn't be.... wow! Thinking on the edge now!

My work consists of old barns, lighthouses and trucks at the moment.  Maybe I like documenting things that are of times past and preserving them in my own way?  And people can relate to those things, so they like them, remembering old times.

Where do I see my art in five years?  I try not to look that far ahead, because I'm not a goal oriented person, (focusing on a goal may make you miss something along your path).  But, I suppose if I must: more of the same, but bigger, brighter, and better.  More unexpected twists.  Hopefully be able to sell more if for no other reason than to allow me to buy more paint!

Other creative news would be to write down some stories I have heard along the way of my life's path, just to document them for whatever reason.   I wrote a childrens book once, and it sits in my computer.    Maybe someday I will illustrate it and get it going.  I read that usually publishers don't buy books that are written and illustrated by the same person, so it put me off.  There are a million childrens books, anyways, everyone has written one, right?

Like I said in my previous post, I do it for me, and not for others, so I will do what makes me happy, and who knows what that will be five years from now.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1 2014

Ok, I am doing this with my friend Terri, who has a way for words.  I can't figure out how to put this button on the blog, so I may have to paste it in each day.  In fact, I kinda like that idea better.  Its only for 15 days, after all.  Hopefully the first day prompt will appear soon.  When it does, I'll be back.  Stay tuned!
 C4ward March Day 1: Defining Your Creative Mission

Tell us the big “why” behind the creative work you do.  Here are a few questions to consider as you write:
  • Why do you exist?
  • What is your purpose here on this earth?
  • How would you express the “why” behind your creative work in a few short sentences?
  • What do you want to be remembered for?
  • Can you think of three or more key words that embody the reason why you create art?
  • If you were to write a short, memorable, and inspirational t-shirt message about the purpose or mission for your creative work, what would it say?
As an artist, respond to this prompt in any way you would like and that gets your creative juices flowing. If just plain old writing doesn’t excite you, then write a poem, a rant, or a song. Sing or perform your answer and post the video. Take a photo, draw or paint an image. Use something you have created previously and use that as a starting place. 

 Ok, Here are my thoughts on this...
I am not sure why I exist, only that there are things, I believe, that need to be done to progress the world as we know it.  If I can do something in my little corner of the world, to help someone or to make the world better, THAT is why I exist.  I know that for a few things in my life, that there are gut sensations, where I know that what I have done is part of that... my children, for one, are my best accomplishments.  They are good human beings that I am sure will make a difference.  My hubby and I are a good team and we are lifers,  and we started on a gut feeling.
My art is for me because I have taken some resistance to my abilities so I do it because it makes me feel good.  Its my therapy, my outlet. If it makes you feel good, I am thrilled, but if it doesn't, I don't care.  The fact that some have asked to buy my art is always a pleasant surprise and some have convinced me that what I do just may appeal to others.  I always think "BONUS!" when that happens! But my work feels like part of me, and I have been working on finally letting go of those pieces and am trying to sell to some people. 
I hope I can leave this world a little better than when I entered it.  If that means having children or grandchildren that make a difference, or someone loves the art I made that hangs on their wall long after I am gone, or the charities I have done for, have helped someone make a turn in their lives, and into the lives of others.  I hope I make a ripple that is positive and productive.
Three words?  As selfish as it seems, I don't make art for anyone but me. So, one word would have to be something that inspires me.  I don't do well painting something that inspires someone else.  There are projects others give me that I feel enthusiastic about, that I do well at.  But I don't know if I would be good being a hired painter taking work for others because I have to every day.  I have learned that painting for others and not being satisfied with the outcome just frustrates me, the person I work for, and uses up all my creativity for nothing.  It has to speak to me personally, or neither of us will be wowed by it.  So... INSPIRATION is the first word.
Second is challenge.  Third would be probably be
The t-shirt message:  probably,  "I do it my way."  Although I cringe at that thought because I don't particularly like people who always have to do it their way.... their way or the highway.  I hope I am not one of those.  But with my art, I am.
I was hoping as I wrote, that the big "WHY" behind my creative work would emerge.  I just do it.  I do it because something appeals to me, because I challenge myself to try it, because someone once made me believe that I couldn't.  So for a long time, I didn't.  And now it fills a space, an empty spot, and a satisfaction of doing something I find beautiful.  Kind of like gardening.. you plant a seed, you nurture it and it produces something beautiful.  And maybe you can give that flower or vegetable to someone who appreciates it, or just keep it for yourself.  Either way.