Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday May 30, 2015

Sitting on my beautiful covered front porch while its pouring rain.  Its just a cool place to be.  The weather has been rain, followed by sun, then clouds and rain again, then sun, then thunder, then rain again... you get the idea.

Monday night is the Artist Reception for the Library Exhibition.  I hope someone comes.  I hate exhibitions where nobody comes.  Then next week is a kind of Plein Aire thing at the lake.  I have never done one of those before, so I am looking forward to trying it.

I was at Taco night at the Legion the other night and they are trying to fund new ceiling tiles in their post. So you buy one for $5 and put your name or business on it and they put it back up until they get enough to do the whole ceiling. I thought, why not?  So without spending more than a half hour on it, and doing the old English D by memory with nothing to go by, I whooped out this:

Not extremely proud of it, but its better than the smoky thing I brought home. 

I finished the last skate box for Gerry.  He's on his way over to pick it up now.  His last grandchild likes turtles of the ninja kind and there are copyrights on things like that.

So its time to get some organizing done in the art room.  Things have been just thrown in there for way too long.  I think its time! 

So stay tuned my friends!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday May 24, 2015

Good Beautiful Sunday Morning to you!

May is almost done!  Wowsa.  I still say January never goes this fast!  This is Memorial Day weekend and there is so much I want to cram into this weekend yet!  We accomplished a lot yesterday.  The dog went to the groomer, we went shopping and bought a new weed trimmer, (the last one was 30+ years old!) laundry, some cleaning, we painted the garage, (see previous posts) and went to the first of four graduation parties we are invited to.  (Tis the season)

Today is the opening day of the local farmers market.  I can't wait.  Its part of our Sunday morning ritual from May til October, and I've missed it.  Once home, should probably make the house presentable because we usually have people stop in after the parade.  Its tradition.  The weather calls for rain tomorrow, and I am hoping that doesn't happen.  It can rain Tuesday through Friday if it wants, but keeping a good thought for tomorrow.  Of course, I have no say in the matter.

Here is a few images from my Mothers Day gift... a trip to the Holland Michigan Tulip Festival! It was a rainy day, but it didn't keep the tulips from being beautiful.  Then I was treated to a great lunch, besides!  

These were my favorites!

Fields of colors! 

Then colors in combos!

Bi-colored ones!  I felt like a kid in a candy store! 
I have always loved forget me nots.  Reminds me of my Grandpas garden.  And I guess I forget him not!

 A little bit of artsy whimsy in beautiful Downtown Holland.  How cute!

Stay tuned!  Have a good Holiday and remember those who gave it all.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday May 20, 2015

I bought my canvas for the new Massage School competition, (they needed art for their walls and the winner gets a spa package - I'll work for spa!)  just in time to find out that the day I bought the canvas was the day I was suppose to be turning the art IN!  Dang.  Missed it.  But have a nice new canvas for the next big project ahead.

My creativity has been spent planting flowers, (its that time of year, something I have waited all winter to do!) and these:
Parade preparations.  They don't make themselves ya know!

Gerry brought over the next skate box top... still working on what to do with it. 

Summer is filling in fast.  Memorial day weekend is THIS WEEKEND already!  Its early this year.  Have a safe and happy one everybody!

Stay tuned!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday night, May 15th 2015

Oh boy!  I found this photo somewhere.... not sure where, but yeah.  If you are the photographer, I would love to give you credit, so please let me know who you might be.

Tonight I participated in an impromptu exhibition on satire.  The local artist group had planned it a while back and about last Monday, was asked if I was going to put a piece in.  I really hadn't thought much about it but then had an idea.  So whooped something together for the event.

It was fun.  I think I will leave these events to the REAL artists, though. 

I did get a call from the County Library who has selected my entry for their summer exhibition!  (Among others, but ...) Excited about that.

So, always something new, so stay tuned!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hi!  It hasn't been long since I last wrote but there are a couple things I wanted to post.

First of all, Gerry picked up the two skate boxes and LOVED them!  In fact, he asked me to do one more.  This one is for June.  He has to build it first, but absolutely!

THEN, I wanted to chronicle the Rocking Horse Mishap.  You remember the rocking horse I just finished?  Well, I am documenting this so I never do this again, and if it can keep someone else from doing it, then there is something good that comes out of the whole debacle.  So, last you knew, it looked like this:

The next day, I noticed THIS:

Apparently, and unbeknownst to me... Gorilla glue EXPANDS!  So this hard foamy glue had the whole mane stuck!  Who KNEW??

So today I used a knife, and (luckily) most of it popped off with a little prodding.  But it took paint with it, and some of the strings on the mane had to be surgically removed.  But I touched up the paint, and although it isn't and smooth as it used to be, its probably not as noticeable as the foam in the picture!  Live and learn.  And learn from my mistakes:  use the right glue!

And just to close this beautiful weekend, I will show you a beautiful pic of something on my front porch:

A momma robin has built a nest in my wreath on the front porch.  Aren't they beautiful?   I am always in awe of nature.  Look how she built this beautiful nest, and how round the inside is!  What makes robins eggs blue?  And look how beautiful blue these are!!  Goes nicely with the pink and yellow flowers on the wreath, don't they?  I only hope that the extra weight on the wreath doesn't pull it down, as I see above the nest, that the wire is thinner than usual.  I would fix it, but mamma might have something to say about me being so close.  So for now, I will hope it holds. 

So have a good week, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Its a beautiful day!  Its Saturday!  Its warm enough not to have a jacket on and its only 8am!  I am going outside!  Lots to do!  But I wanted to post the last of the skate box tops:
One of the girls like penguins so Voila! They are done. 

Many things running through my mind.  Barn Quilts.  There have been a resurgence of barn quilts and I am just smackered with them!  Got to do one.  Or some.  What ev.  So, its not going to let me go until I do one, and heck, the garage needs paint, anyways.  Might as make it fun, right?

Firehouses, firemen, fire department stuff.  Also jumbling around in my head.  Got to get going on THAT project. Excuse me for being sketchy here... its a pseudo-surprise.

Well, the weather outside is calling my name... can you hear it? There are seeds to plant and stuff to do!

Stay tuned!