Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hi!  It hasn't been long since I last wrote but there are a couple things I wanted to post.

First of all, Gerry picked up the two skate boxes and LOVED them!  In fact, he asked me to do one more.  This one is for June.  He has to build it first, but absolutely!

THEN, I wanted to chronicle the Rocking Horse Mishap.  You remember the rocking horse I just finished?  Well, I am documenting this so I never do this again, and if it can keep someone else from doing it, then there is something good that comes out of the whole debacle.  So, last you knew, it looked like this:

The next day, I noticed THIS:

Apparently, and unbeknownst to me... Gorilla glue EXPANDS!  So this hard foamy glue had the whole mane stuck!  Who KNEW??

So today I used a knife, and (luckily) most of it popped off with a little prodding.  But it took paint with it, and some of the strings on the mane had to be surgically removed.  But I touched up the paint, and although it isn't and smooth as it used to be, its probably not as noticeable as the foam in the picture!  Live and learn.  And learn from my mistakes:  use the right glue!

And just to close this beautiful weekend, I will show you a beautiful pic of something on my front porch:

A momma robin has built a nest in my wreath on the front porch.  Aren't they beautiful?   I am always in awe of nature.  Look how she built this beautiful nest, and how round the inside is!  What makes robins eggs blue?  And look how beautiful blue these are!!  Goes nicely with the pink and yellow flowers on the wreath, don't they?  I only hope that the extra weight on the wreath doesn't pull it down, as I see above the nest, that the wire is thinner than usual.  I would fix it, but mamma might have something to say about me being so close.  So for now, I will hope it holds. 

So have a good week, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Stay tuned!

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