Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday May 30, 2015

Sitting on my beautiful covered front porch while its pouring rain.  Its just a cool place to be.  The weather has been rain, followed by sun, then clouds and rain again, then sun, then thunder, then rain again... you get the idea.

Monday night is the Artist Reception for the Library Exhibition.  I hope someone comes.  I hate exhibitions where nobody comes.  Then next week is a kind of Plein Aire thing at the lake.  I have never done one of those before, so I am looking forward to trying it.

I was at Taco night at the Legion the other night and they are trying to fund new ceiling tiles in their post. So you buy one for $5 and put your name or business on it and they put it back up until they get enough to do the whole ceiling. I thought, why not?  So without spending more than a half hour on it, and doing the old English D by memory with nothing to go by, I whooped out this:

Not extremely proud of it, but its better than the smoky thing I brought home. 

I finished the last skate box for Gerry.  He's on his way over to pick it up now.  His last grandchild likes turtles of the ninja kind and there are copyrights on things like that.

So its time to get some organizing done in the art room.  Things have been just thrown in there for way too long.  I think its time! 

So stay tuned my friends!

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