Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday September 30, 2012

Today, I took my Aussie friend to the airport.  This week went by so fast.  We had a good time, I enjoyed meeting her face to face and treasure her friendship.  It will be a long trip back for her: her flight took off at 4pm today, (Sunday) and she won't arrive home until 5am Tues morning our time.  (5pm Tuesday hers) 

While Shells was here, we went to Hidden Lake Gardens, (A nature conservatory of sorts near here) Cabelas, (no, she isn't into hunting and fishing but found two tops she bought and loved the uniqueness of the place) Artilicious, (the most local art festival) Hobby Lobby, Crafts 2000, (both good art supply places) ArtPrize, (HUGE Art display in Grand Rapids Michigan) Grand Haven, (a beautiful spot on Lake Michigan), Hillsdale County Fair ( to give her a taste of Farm Country since she has to balance her visit to New York City) and Clinton Fall Festival. (more crafts than arts, but loved the entertainment!)  Oh yeah, throw in a visit to the apple orchard, because its fall here and in Australia, it is starting to be Spring!

a few pics from ArtPrize:
This guy was just handing out info

Thousands of these clipped to a piece with inspirations

Ain't it tho?

Make a wish!

These ladies just make me feel friendship and warmth.

Remember paper chains in Kindergarden?  This is them to the umpth degree!

I will post more in the days to come, as I am sure life will now become boring.  Well, maybe one more before I split this place for today...
Last nights sunset.
Goodbye Shells, have a safe trip home.  Goodbye September, you have been beautiful.  Hello October!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Post. September 29, 2010

Hi! Sitting here with my friend Shells, who is teaching me how to set up a blog.
While she is here we are showing her the full extent of living in Michigan.