Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Ooo I almost forgot to show you what I did on Christmas Eve. 

 Merry Christmas, Dear Followers!  And Happy New Year!

December 30, 2012

Yes, I think my word is SUNSHINE!  Yes, SUNSHINE is my word for 2013!
Where I live, I don't get enough of it this time of year, and I need more of it.
Sunshine makes me feel good.  Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!
I've got Sunshine on a cloudy day, because YOU are my Sunshine.
Sunshine lollipops and rainbows!
I have been tossing this word around for a week or so, and you can't imagine how many times I have come across the word SUNSHINE this week.  Almost as if the universe was telling me that I needed to use it.
I have a Sunny piece of art going in the art room right now, and I will post it when its done, but for now, I will post one of my past pieces of art that I did on the neighbors barn a few years back.

This took me all of about 2 hours, once the blue was done. The barn has since been torn down, and the blue part was lovingly dismantled, and displayed at our County Fairgrounds for about 3 years.  A friend of mine then displayed it on her barn!  So its been around awhile.
But doesn't that just make you feel good?  It does me! So, my fellow Flyers, Sunshines the word!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 19, 2012

I am invited to participate in Fly Tribes Word Hop.  Thanks to my friend Shells, I think I am going to try it.  I have got to think on it a bit, and I am going to see what comes to mind.  The blog spot is here:

I am still seeing if the word I have in mind is what I want to go with, but I am leaning heavily on it, so unless something just sweeps me off my feet in the next few days, I'm going with it.

May anyone and everyone who reads this have a wonderful Christmas and I'll see you next week.  Same Bat place. Same Bat blog. 


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 18, 2012

I have been watching someone (I won't divulge her name until I get permission, but it starts with a J) who has been doing an art piece once a week for almost a year now.  Then she will sell them as a fundraiser for her school.  I think about how busy I am, and she is even busier, and yet every week she is producing a piece of art.  I am simply in awe.  If I am motivated and have the creative 'bug', then a piece of artwork a week doesn't seem daunting at all.
But then comes DECEMBER. or at least THIS December.  I have no creative juices flowing at all right now.  WWJD?  I ask?   Not sure how she keeps the juices flowing.  Her head probably is filled with just as much Christmas stuff, and work stuff as mine. Where does it come from??
Does decorating the tree count?  (same tree, same orns, probably not!)
How about wrapping the presents? (Use the same paper and no ribbon, so probably doesn't count!)
I HAVE made a few presents, but it was on my computer, and not painted.  (1/2 point there!)
Well, I am going to have to challenge myself this year.  Maybe that should be my resolution.  I can hear my friend Shells, laughing now... we have tried this before, and I fell by the wayside long before she did.  I am sure when the holidays are over that I will embark on a wonderful new inspiration in the art room.
Until then, I will kick my feet up and try to enjoy some of the holidays with my family and dream of dancing paint tubes in my head for the coming new year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

I haven't done any painting or art lately, but I have been crafty.  The holidays always make me want to make gifts for people.  I wondered if putting my art on a calendar (via my little computer graphics program) would be a little simple gift that really didn't say GIFT, but would be something to give those that supported me this year...

You see, this year, I was finally able to show my art.  I took a great big breath and hung it out there for all to see.  (Kinda like streaking in front of the hometown crowd) Yeah, pretty big in my eyes.  And you know what?  I got a lot of good comments!  Some people asked if they could buy!  BUY??  You want to BUY it?
Wowsa.  Caught me off guard there.  Talk about good for my head!  

I struggle with letting my originals go, but I have made some prints to sell of some of the more popular ones.  Those originals are eating up precious floor space in the art room, and I must get over the thought that I shouldn't do any more art because "what would I do with it?".  Dang, I am way too practical.   To put floor space in front of my creativity!  What has gotten into me?

Anyway, a friend urged me to show my art at her place during the April First Friday event, and I have done it every month since, except one.  I have probably made less than 100 dollars on copies and greeting cards, and some friends and family have come to support me more than once.  My hubby has been helpful in loading it all and unloading it all and loading it all and unloading it all, and promoting my art, too.  I appreciate everyone that has come in to see, if they have done it once or a few times.  My brother and sister have come to cheer me on just about every month.  Thank you!  Its great to have groupies.

My mom always said that I was born with a pencil in my hand, (I always joked that that must have been hard on her, lol) because I drew a lot when I was a kid.  In 9th grade, my art teacher and I didn't see eye to eye.  I couldn't do anything right by her, and I ended up sitting in class, taking the E.  After that, I didn't do much art, but took photography to settle my creative mind.  It wasn't until 15 years later, that my hubby convinced me that I need to do more with my 'doodling.'  I  tried my hand at sign painting, something that could make a few bucks, which I liked, but needed more space, and wasn't wild about toxic stuff around the kids.  I took a commercial printing course that I hoped would show me more about art. A little but not what I really wanted to do.  I drove an hour each way, for about 6 months of Saturdays to take an airbrush class that I love, but don't do as often as I'd like. And back in the day of country home decorating, I took a local class where housewives painted a project every week around a table in someones basement.  Still use some of those techniques!

 The county I live in is kind of a dry county for art, but it is changing and I am excited to see the butterfly develop out of the cocoon.  I kind of feel that way too.  I am doing something with a gift that was almost squashed because of someones opinion long ago.  I am now coming out of my cocoon.

I don't know how many First Fridays I will do in the future.  I don't know how long my friends and family can stand to run and support.  And if I am not selling, (which that has never been my focus anyway), its just for the head rush of having someone like what I do.  I do my art to settle a need within me, or for therapy when I need it, so its for me anyway. 

I may need a month or two off.  January is a nice long cold month with nothing to do.  I will probably pull out the paints then.  Then, I probably will be excited again and want to show what I did.   Who knows? 
Stay tuned....

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2, 2012

I haven't really been doing any art the last few weeks, with the holidays upon us and also the cold season, I just haven't had the extra brain cells to be creative. 
I am in the process of selling my moms house.  She passed 4 years ago and the house has been on the market for 3.  It is finally selling at less than half of what it was worth when she passed, but, it needs to be loved and cared for and its time to close that door.
My mom passed in December on her 84th birthday.  Every year I used to buy her an Amaryllis bulb and one for me, and we would grow them for the holiday season.  For claiming not to have a green thumb, hers always did better than mine and hers usually bloomed first.
In light of this, I am going to post one of my first ever canvasses.  Its an amaryllis bloom.  Happy Birthday in heaven Mom. I am still trying to coax my bulb to open this year.  Maybe I could use some help?
(Its easier to paint them, I think)