Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22, 2014

My boss, who is in charge of the decorations for the company Christmas party, bought 18 artificial wreaths that were bare nekkid - kinda like this:
 So she puts out an email to the whole building that the first 18 people can sign them out, take them home and decorate them, and bring them back for a vote.  Winner gets a prize.  Then they are used for table decorations for the tables at the party.  And raffled off at the end of the night.  I just happened to have some Christmas sprigs, etc that I had purchased last year, and never used.  So, true to my New Years Rez, I got to get one more bag of stuff out of my art room and decorated mine:
Its much fuller, but wondering if it needs something else?

My creative endeavors this week seem to be hitting the same wall.  That 'something else' factor.
Here is a colored pencil drawing I did earlier this week and have to decide how to do the background.
 So you can see it needs SOMETHING ELSE.

I DID happen to finish a painting this week:  For now, I call it "Mama Barn and Baby Barns" but not sure if its totally done too.  What is it with this Something Else deal?

And I finally decided what the 'something else' was that this needed... it needed a little bit of icy-ness in the trees and a little sparkle for the snow.  It only took about a year to figure that out.
The hardest part of doing art is knowing when to quit.  You can overdo so easily.   Just about every painting I do, I say, "I think I am done", then put it up where I see it daily for a week or so, just to see if that is true.  I also take a pic and put it on the screen.  That sure brings any flaws to light and many things that you don't see while doing it.

 I have some things base coated in the artroom drying, that I need to go and do, so stay tuned...!

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Omgoodness!  Its the last half of November already!! 
and next week is THANKSGIVING!!!  Whew!  Where does the time go?? (disclaimer: this is not my artwork, but i really, really, really like it!)

I haven't been posting, because, there is just not that much happening.  I see on my last post, I welcomed in the ugly month of November.  Well, I guess it showed me! 

Snow and blowing and slippery-ness and bundling up.  Old Man Winter has arrived.  But its still autumn until the equinox, you say??  yeah, that don't mean nuthin.  You're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.  You have to be hearty and sturdy to live here, man.

 Working on a couple things, artsy wise, that I will post when possible.

Stay tuned.  Stay thankful.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014

Happy November. 

Well, - November! Welcome to windshield scraping, bundle-up, no-leaves-on-the-trees-anymore, ugly season.  Oh yeah, and its deer season.  Our son got his first with his bow last weekend. Bless that animal and the meat within.

I think I am almost done with my cousins vacation pic.  I think I will call it Peggy's Cove, because, I believe that's where it is.  I have slats to put on the fishing hut and I might just call it done.

Next week I am going to be part of an art exhibition in Ann Arbor, that a friend of mine is putting on at her work.  I will be there for the meet and greet and then leave a few pieces for a month.

I am not participating in First Fridays this weekend, but hope to attend. 

Well have a couple other things going at the moment.  Stay tuned!