Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014

Happy November. 

Well, - November! Welcome to windshield scraping, bundle-up, no-leaves-on-the-trees-anymore, ugly season.  Oh yeah, and its deer season.  Our son got his first with his bow last weekend. Bless that animal and the meat within.

I think I am almost done with my cousins vacation pic.  I think I will call it Peggy's Cove, because, I believe that's where it is.  I have slats to put on the fishing hut and I might just call it done.

Next week I am going to be part of an art exhibition in Ann Arbor, that a friend of mine is putting on at her work.  I will be there for the meet and greet and then leave a few pieces for a month.

I am not participating in First Fridays this weekend, but hope to attend. 

Well have a couple other things going at the moment.  Stay tuned!

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