Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22, 2014

My boss, who is in charge of the decorations for the company Christmas party, bought 18 artificial wreaths that were bare nekkid - kinda like this:
 So she puts out an email to the whole building that the first 18 people can sign them out, take them home and decorate them, and bring them back for a vote.  Winner gets a prize.  Then they are used for table decorations for the tables at the party.  And raffled off at the end of the night.  I just happened to have some Christmas sprigs, etc that I had purchased last year, and never used.  So, true to my New Years Rez, I got to get one more bag of stuff out of my art room and decorated mine:
Its much fuller, but wondering if it needs something else?

My creative endeavors this week seem to be hitting the same wall.  That 'something else' factor.
Here is a colored pencil drawing I did earlier this week and have to decide how to do the background.
 So you can see it needs SOMETHING ELSE.

I DID happen to finish a painting this week:  For now, I call it "Mama Barn and Baby Barns" but not sure if its totally done too.  What is it with this Something Else deal?

And I finally decided what the 'something else' was that this needed... it needed a little bit of icy-ness in the trees and a little sparkle for the snow.  It only took about a year to figure that out.
The hardest part of doing art is knowing when to quit.  You can overdo so easily.   Just about every painting I do, I say, "I think I am done", then put it up where I see it daily for a week or so, just to see if that is true.  I also take a pic and put it on the screen.  That sure brings any flaws to light and many things that you don't see while doing it.

 I have some things base coated in the artroom drying, that I need to go and do, so stay tuned...!

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  1. I really like the light green poofs on the wreath, and I think it's perfect as-is for a table decoration. Maybe the "something else" there would be a focal point like a bow or poinsettia blossom - but that would look nicer on the wall than horizontal, I think. Maybe it depends on how they'll be displayed for the auction?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lin!


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