Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday, June 19 2016 Fathers Day.

Oh, boy... these are so me.  And apparently other creative minds.  

This week in addition to framing and matting the doggie art, and still making the birds nests, I have been doing these for the Craft Show for Relay.  Kind of a shabby to chic idea...

Lots on the agenda.  Its summer, ya know!   Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 12, 2016

So while looking in the art room for frames, mats and artwork for the upcoming Pet Parade that I mentioned, I ran across other things that dang!  distract me!  (Like THAT never happens!)

Anyway, I am sure that other creative crafters are like me in the "don't throw that away... it can be used for something someday!" thought.

Well I used to make some angels out of wires. The ends that I would cut off could be used for SOMETHING, wasn't sure what, but SOMETHING SOMEDAY.  (now you see why my art room is the way it is)!

SO, The other day, it finally dawned on me to do these:

So I still have art in various levels of framed/matted/cellophaned.   Its not something to be rushed!  Like with each piece you have to say, Do you like this in white?:
 Or black, better?
Then, I have to ask, why I am matting something that is not Pet oriented because that is why I am pulling everything out???

Oh, the workings of my mind!!  (**shaking my head**)

Leaving you with an anecdote, because we all have a friend / spouse/ kid that would say these things:

Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday 6/5/16

1.)  Which is why I don't waste money on manicures!  And I have NEVER had anyone say anything about it.
2.) Thus the name of this blog!
3.)  And probably nobody mentions that!

Yes, yes, and yes.  Art can be done over.  You can always do a do-over!

Again its been two weeks since I last posted.  (why does that sound like I am in a confessional? lol. Must be the thought of that "therapy" thing!) I am still coming out of that artsy dry spell but have actually done a thing or two.

When un-inspired, there are plenty of things that I need to finish.  I know where its going, it just doesn't enthuse me to finish that background, etc.  I have an exhibition for the Pet Day Parade coming up next month.  I need to get things finished, matted and framed up.

I have recently found a video that says you can blend your colored pencils with a Q-tip and Vaseline.  I used that technique with the red truck above, which I did this week, and the hound dog that I did a couple years ago and trying to get ready for the exhibition.  It works pretty good and enhances the color.  Excuse the light coming in from the left.
This white dog was dressed like this for a parade a year or two ago, (I think I showed it here) and walked right up to me.  I think the background need something, just don't know what yet.

Well, I guess that is about the end of whats new.
Stay tuned!