Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Its a beautiful day!  Its Saturday!  Its warm enough not to have a jacket on and its only 8am!  I am going outside!  Lots to do!  But I wanted to post the last of the skate box tops:
One of the girls like penguins so Voila! They are done. 

Many things running through my mind.  Barn Quilts.  There have been a resurgence of barn quilts and I am just smackered with them!  Got to do one.  Or some.  What ev.  So, its not going to let me go until I do one, and heck, the garage needs paint, anyways.  Might as make it fun, right?

Firehouses, firemen, fire department stuff.  Also jumbling around in my head.  Got to get going on THAT project. Excuse me for being sketchy here... its a pseudo-surprise.

Well, the weather outside is calling my name... can you hear it? There are seeds to plant and stuff to do!

Stay tuned!

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