Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday April 26, 2014

The Mom Prom went off this weekend, and I got the door decorated in just in time...
Two chalk boards, one for mom, one for a little one, a letter holder and the bulletin board with ribbons. Complete with multi colored chalks and pins. It turned out as I planned except for the background was supposed to have stripes.  I had to do it in the driveway and the weather just would not co-operate to give me one more evening to tape and paint stripes.  Oh, and I left off the hooks I had for it.  I just couldn't get them to look right. But, hope it was a good addition to the fundraiser, anyway.  I have plans for the next one already.  If they HAVE a door auction for next year.  The Mom Prom was packed and from what I hear, went off well! 

Today, I am trying to pay attention to Jerrys skate boxes.  I started with the granddaughters box that loves panda bears.  It's done.  Or so I hope.  After it was all done, I noticed that he had a TOP and BOTTOM marked. (I guess I knew that before, but while I was taping it off, I was turning it around on the table) and, well, you guessed it!  I did the design upside down.  There are no holes for hinges or handle yet, and from what I can tell, its all constructed the same on all sides, so hopefully it will be ok.  I hope we don't have to grind it off and start over.  I could be in BIG TROUBLE right now!
 I was pretty proud of it too:
Hold a good thought for me.  I have one more of these boxes to do.  A penguin.  In the design stages at this time, but will definately make sure we have it upside right!

Stay tuned!!

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