Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22, 2014

Wow, I must have fallen asleep there at the proverbial blog wheel.

There are art exhibitions being planned in our neck of the woods.  I am looking forward to contributing what I can.  Its exciting, and I am even a little surprised that I want to participate.... it shows my confidence level has risen.  I am actually attending an art, wine and cheeze event tonight and very excited to be going!  I haven't really contributed to this one, but can't wait to go and looking forward to meeting some of the local artists and what they come up with!

Feeling a little uninspired.  Need to use the down time to whip some semblance into the art room.  I usually work on something while watching TV or relaxing at night.   I decided that as long as I am not feeling something new maybe I could finish something old.  You may remember this woodpecker drawing from last year, but I hadn't filled in the background.  Its boring.  I know, I know! You're going to say: I need to fill the backgrounds with something interesting.  But, in my portrait photography years, you blur the background to focus attention to the foreground, aka your subject.  So putting a lot of detail in the background goes against what I've learned.  I agree, though, that I have a lot to learn about backgrounds when it comes to art.   Hopefully I'll get better with them. On the other hand, this looks better than the white background that it was for about a year.  And if it doesn't? Too bad, its not going to get erased.
And its done. Today, I will back it and get it presentable. 

I have been doing other creative things, I organized and ran a Pi Day (3.14) / Pie Day sale at work for  donations for Habitat for Humanity.  I am presently refurbing an old pole lamp, and since I can't paint it until I can spray outside, (its still at freezing temps here ) I have begun the *%$!*^)* job of recovering the lampshade.  (Can you tell it isn't going so well??)   I walk away and come back to it, then walk away and come back. I will either have it done before the weather shapes up enough to paint outside, or I won't have to spend the money on the paint.  Its IT or ME!

I'm trying to keep up with Journal52 too.  I think I am still a little behind, but some ideas come easier than others. 
This past week was "Stars". This was not my first thought for the verse, but right after I got the prompt for the week, I also got one of those FB 'Messages from God' that said this.  So I put two and two together.
 A week or two ago, the prompt was "Paint Chips" I found some I had around the house for another reason, and just felt uninspired. 
So, while my hubby was at Lowes the other day, I stood at the paint chart display.  (This is good at this time of year, when I need the bright light and colors after a lonnnnng winter and spring has not yet begun to get pretty. )  First I just took in the beautiful colors under the bright lights.  Hmmmm. Am I the only one who does this?
I asked myself what am I drawn to?  Answer:  Most of it!
Then I asked, what is the least appealing color on here to you.? (what makes my nose scrunch and what makes other peoples are not the same, I am smart enough to know)  And I found it.  Then I set upon finding accent colors that made that color better.  Tolerable. I found three other colors that made that one color look good to me.  Color is relative.  And like life, its what you make of it.
I have my paint chips, and still don't have a plan, but one step closer to what I want to put out there... that everything can be enhanced to be better than it seems.
Stay tuned...

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