Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4th, 2014

I have been in an artistic slump lately.  I haven't felt the draw (no pun intended, but ok) to the art room like I usually do.

Is it just a ebb?  Do I feel intimidated?  Am I changing course?  Maybe all three.

Until I figure it out, and I know others that have been through this, and have gone on to make perfectly wonderful art, I will entertain with an UNSELFIE a day.  (OK, maybe every other day or once a week)  An Unselfie is a photo that is NOT of oneself but something found in your day that reflects something about you.

Today, I happened to find this on an empty conference room whiteboard:

I just found it funny.  Although I didn't bang my head there, I have felt like I wanted to lately. So for all the things I would like to do and can't, for all the people that mean well but don't understand, for all the things I wish I could change, this ones for you.


  1. I hope all is well. Sometimes a break is what's needed. Meanwhile, I will enjoy your unselfies. Spring is getting itself going!

  2. Yes, Rebecca, it is, thank goodness.... "No Winter lasts forever, no Spring loses its turn!" Something I hold onto tightly!


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