Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday April 27, 2014

When in a slump, paint something small, that way, you don't waste a big canvas. 
it's 8x10, and just a whim.  I have to get moving on a fundraiser piece so this was the warm up.  My art room is a mess.  I have just thrown stuff in there the last few weeks.

The statue issue is just getting worse.  The new artist group is being taken over by this issue and although I am not 'with them"  I am not against them either, but feel like I am being put on that side.  Since they are so hell bent in drawing lines in the sand, I am taking myself out of it all together.  And possibly the whole group.  Just hitting me when I am uninspired and not up for the fight.   Hope its all worth it for them.

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