Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday April 22 2014

Letsee...  I have been asked to design a t shirt for a softball team. 
There is a Flag designing contest for our First Fridays.  
I am putting a piece in for a silent auction for the local food bank. 
And another one in for a friend's fundraiser who is battling that damn C.  
I am 4 weeks behind on my art journal.  
And my creativity is at a stand still.  
I have the T-shirt thing  kinda done.  Going to rely on the t-shirt printer to add the lettering.  Would love to have been able to do it on the comp, but mine is still down for repairs.  I don't have my graphics program downloaded on The Hubs laptop that I have been hijacking since Christmas.  (the program is so old it would need an upgrade to put on the laptop anyway)
So, here it is, they can use it or not, the printer will probably roll his eyes as I know its not easy to get a hand-drawn graphic to look decent.  A computer generated one is easier for them these days.
The piece for the Food Bank fundraiser is done and ready to go there- first time for that. I'll have to get a shot off of that and post it next time. 

As for all the rest of the assignments, they are swirling in my head, with pieces on paper, nothing organized at all, but formulating, or fermenting...
Stay tuned.

PS: remember this? From a dozen or so posts ago?

well it now looks like this, but not sure if its going to stay this way:
Stay tuned.

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