Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9,2013 Monday

Just a quick snippet... remember our WORD for the year?  Mine was 'sunshine'.  Just about once each day the universe sends me 'sunshine' in one form or another, and not just the look-up-in-the-sky and see it kind either!  Like this fortune in my cookie this weekend:
(Again with the vertical thing... whats up with that???)

Anyway, I told you about the school science class that needed artwork?  Well, they are building an Aquaponics display, and needed a sign.  The school mascot is a cougar and I hope you can see the pawprint in the design.  It needs to be done by Wednesday. Have a slogan going across the bottom yet.

Still working on the benefit auction item, and the mural, both which have this weekend as deadlines.  I can do it!  Stay tuned!

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