Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Blogtoberfest 21, 2013

If I give an opinion, does it mean I am being witchy?  

Tonight, Hubs and I went to the warehouse store to buy candy for Halloween.  We may have a small town, but the school district is huge.  Its a farm community and the outskirts of our town far out distance the mile square town part. 

We usually have 300 to 400 trick or treaters at our house on Halloween.  This year we expect more, as the Village Council voted to have it this Saturday night. (yes, 5 days BEFORE Halloween!)  That means any kid within 20 miles could come to our town to trick or treat, then go back to his own, and do it all over again on Halloween.  The reason our council did this?  Because someone on the council wanted to have one night that the kids could enjoy and the parents wouldn't have to worry about them getting ramped up on candy and fight with them to get them to bed on a school night.

Like I had to.  And every other parent previously.  ** rolls eyes**

That being said, the candy is bought, the porch is as decorated as it's going to get and now we wait for Saturday.  Then on Halloween we can twittle our thumbs because there is nothing to do.

What ev. 

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