Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Blogtoberfest 19, 2013


Someone on my Facebook just said this was just a Michigan thing.  Its more of a Hallmark thing I think, and it IS on my calendar.  I don't do much for it, but wish my Sweeties a Happy Day.  You know, some people make fun of the Hallmark Holidays thinking that its just a day to sell cards, candy and flowers.  Maybe any day that makes you stop and notice what your loved ones do for you and show a little appreciation for all they do is a good thing.  I try to say Thank you all the time, but some people need the reminder.  So...go do something nice for someone, even if its a thank you, a hug and a kiss, or whatever...  If this IS just a Michigan thing, than feel free to do use the excuse.   And what goes around comes around... you might just find yourself on the receiving end of something equally nice!

Which brings me to something else I just saw on my Facebook... (FB is such a wealth of information, isn't it?)
"KARMA- what goes around comes around,  Keep your circle positive.  Say good words.  Think good thoughts, Do good deeds."
I think I will have that embroidered somewhereOr maybe it needs to be painted!

 Today, The Hubs and I walked a 5K called Graze to Raise.  It is a beautiful 5K walk, with tents set up along the way with samples of food from local restaurants.  It has been part of our fall for about 8 years, and we have been able to participate for 7 out of the 8.  This benefits the Cancer Center here and helps with extra expenses for people who don't always have the means to get in for treatments, etc.   This morning it was 45 degrees and rainy, but there were still a lot of people participating.   This is what we do in memory of my father in law who had to use the Center.  With the hope that nobody else we know will ever need to use it.

Along the way, we enjoyed Pumpkin soup, Chili, frozen custard, apple crisp, barbecue chips, veggie sandwiches, cookies, canoli, and so much more.  You get a taste of each, and waddle back to the finish line.  I seriously do not want to eat the rest of the day.   There is a wedding we are invited to, and a Blues Festival going on tonight.   But all I want is a nap.

Have a good Sweetest Day everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That sounds so fun! And happy Sweetest Day to you too. I shall have to wish my sweetie that when he gets home from work.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, wishing someone Happy Sweetest Day should be a win-win!

  2. Food and exercise - what a great combination for guilt free eating! hehehe :D

    1. I Know, right? And its for charity, so win, win WIN!


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