Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Blogtoberfest 24 2013

I have been a temp for many years.  Even the jobs where I wasn't working for a temp agency seemed to be 'temporary jobs' for one reason or another.

On the list of jobs I have had:  Camera salesperson, photographer, Kmart, bartender, bank teller, Drafter, CAD drafter, CAD teacher, office person for computer company, receptionist, Village Clerk, Ads and Promotion, sales, painter, flower designer, church secretary, beauty shop manager, - sometimes I was working two and three of these jobs at once.

One of the most exhausting jobs I had one year, was a Kindergarten Aide.  That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a job where you earn your money.  I got paid a whopping $6.10 per hour (before taxes) to do that and came home whipped every single night.  It was kinda fun - I loved the kids.  They graduated last year! (Hmmm, ok, that just made me feel old.)

Anyway, it was a fun, tough job with little or no perks, and not a lot of pay.  The teacher I worked with, was a sweetie that knew all of the above.  And every day, as I was walking out of class, she said, "THANK YOU for everything you did today".  And I said, "OK, I will come back tomorrow". 

Its amazing how much a THANK YOU can do!  They are just words.  They are free to use. We all should use them more often. 


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