Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday blogtoberfest 27, 2013

Things going on in my head..  

Have to build something 'gypsy" by Friday.  Maybe two things.  Oh yeah, and throw together a gypsy costume for work.

The colors in that bowl I saw, hit a nerve... the combination is what I have been looking for.  The livingroom/dining room has been needing a makeover for a while. (some of it is still stuck in the '90s) I started it, and got it half done,  just before I lost my job in 2008, and so its still half and half, embarrassingly.  The problem is, I can't do it yet.  But now, I think I have my color palette. The newer half of the room I am already tired of, and it needs to go.

Halloween five days early, was a bust.  Half of the household that used to participate did.  Apparently there are some that either did not get the memo, or they are protesting that they aren't going to feed the whole county.

Think I want to do another fall painting.  I have done lots of summer and winter.  Surprisingly, not much fall in my collection.

Want to pull out the oil pastels.  And my airbrush.  Need to mix it up.  My friend has me on other tangents that are more her visions than mine.  Not that hers are bad, but they don't leave time or artroom space for mine.

Our anniversary is next week. 

I have a great idea for an ArtPrize type of wall art... not that I am looking to do ArtPrize, but if I could display it somewhere.... that would be cool.  The vision is big wall size. And all recycled.

Son has a project he asked me to do too.

Oh shoot, have to work in laundry, and some housekeeping in there too.

And I have to schedule two more vacation days between now and the end of the year this week.  Use them or lose them.  Its been so long since I had those, I don't know how to deal with those.  And the week of Christmas and New Years is out, too many people out already.

And I am hosting Thanksgiving in a few weeks.  Taking the day off before.  However that day is booking other things in, - not what I had in mind.  So maybe I can do another vaca day there.
Have a great old floor lamp needing some TLC.  Once its done, could be usable. And it would be cool.  Or sellable.  But big enough that it would have to be done outside, and winter is setting in fast. 

We need a neat resale shop around here.  There are craft places, but only a couple small home decor upcycle and recycle/artsy places, and they are packed and not taking anymore.  Does that mean there isn't anyone buying or just too many artists flooding the market?
 Ok, I'll leave you to your thoughts..

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  1. So maybeit is time for you to open that second hand shop. Do you have a room in the house not used? Try selling on a virtual store. Second time know......YOU and or Hubster too.


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