Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Blogtoberfest 17, 2013

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Yesterday, I talked about the school bus crash that happened near us.  And also about The Hubs and how he has been a firefighter/EMT for almost 40 years.  I didn't mention that he is also an EMT instructor/coodinator.  Emergency Medical Technicians are the guys that show up on the ambulance crews and start the health care you need to get you to the hospital.  He also teaches CPR classes and Firefighter classes.  Around here, teaching these aren't full time work, even though firefighters and EMT's have to take classes for re-certifications, there are more than a few trainers in our county.  So, they help each other out and keep all the guys up on their licensing and do it because it needs to be done.

Last night, our American Legion had The Hubs come in to teach a basic CPR class.  Its just good to know in case you are ever in a situation where you need to have those skills!  I took CPR back in 7th grade Health Class, but the American Red Cross has decided with what they know now, things should be done a little differently.  He also touched on AED's -  the portable machines to shock a heart victim when they're down.  Those machines really are amazing, and will help guide you through it.

A decade or so, he asked me if I wanted to come to one of his CPR classes and I did.  I was then a card carrying certified CPR'r.  I thank God that I have never needed to use it.  And hope I never do.  But if the situation arises, I also hope that God gives me the strength to do what I have learned and do it well.

As I was listening to him teach the class I guess I have known that he teaches and deals with this stuff on a daily basis at the drop of a hat, but I forget and take it for granted, I guess.  Hubs isn't the kind of guy that goes on a call and talks about it.  He very seldom tells me about any of the calls he goes on.  Its like he treats the person with the dignity they want even after they are safely at the hospital.  And I applaud him for the integrity that takes. 

He, (as are most of the guys on the Department),  is up out of bed on a foggy night, or slippery, snowy nights.  We shake our heads when the alarm rings on house fires that just happen to be the hottest day of the year, (think 100degrees + and in rubber gear and face masks) or the coldest day of the year,(think holding a hose that pushes you back on the ice as its shooting towards the house and the water is freezing before it hits, and oh yeah, its splashing back at you.)

Blood and injuries, fires, tornadoes, drownings, strokes and accidents, firefighter/EMT;s have seen it all, and they usually are out when everyone else is wanting to stay in.  In shelter, in bed, in warmth.

When we got engaged, someone warned me, that part of the deal of marrying a fireman, is that when the whistle goes off, whether you are just putting dinner on the table, or just have the car packed for vacation, you probably have to wait for your man to get back.  (My apologies to the women on the department now, one of the ones of which I just quoted, but back then, there were no women on the department... my how far we've come)  The statement has been true.

I think anyone on the Fire Department earns our respect.  And our Police Officers too.   I guess this is a little tribute to remind everyone that we need to thank these guys for all they do.  Next time you see one of these guys in your neighborhood, just tell him thanks for what he does.  

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