Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blogtober16, 2014

Well, Blogtober is over halfway through already!  Where does the time fly? 

I spent an hour today taking pics of my artwork in a professional studio with a much nicer camera than any I own and got some pics that I will be able to reproduce and sell some work.  I have been a sissy about selling my work and this is me getting braver.  I didn't get all my work in there, but hopefully I will be able to spend another hour sometime soon.

Here is a barn I loved so much I had to do it not only in colored pencil:

 But in acrylic paint too, with a little variance.

I have a couple orders already for some prints... I really need to get an order in for some reprints so I can get them matted and cello'd. Or framed.

One more ArtPrize entry...

A dragonhead trophy and the sword that brought him down.  And it was in a brewery where it was a perfect place for it!

Well the sandman says been a long day.  Have a wonderful day tomorrow, and stay tuned!

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