Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blogtober 30 2014

Well, just about 32 years ago as I write this, I was preparing to walk down the aisle.   Fast forward, thirty two years and he is teaching a class tonight, and I am holding down the fort doing the laundry, the clean up after dinner, and preparing for a costume day at work tomorrow! 

Our department is Halloweening as a Pajama party!  How much fun could THAT be?  Going to work in my JAMMIES???  I haven't done that since the Unemployment Days.  In fact, back then, I might have been in those jammies for DAYS!  Ok, lets not go there...

Anyway, I will have to take pics tomorrow.  Then its home to hundreds, and I MEAN hundreds of trick or treaters, then the first ever Halloween Parade in our small community.   Followed by a Family Costume judging and a Zombie contest.  And our first born will be home for the weekend.

Presently, a Charlie Brown program is on about the election.  I am not really paying much attention, but when the little Woodstock birdie speaks, our dog barks.  Its kind of funny, really. 

I sold the painting that I finished last night to my cousin, but it is actually from a picture of her vacation anyway. I only charged her materials.  I didn't feel right asking for any more, as it was her pic to begin with.  She didn't ask if I could do it, but I asked her if she minded if I put it on my to-do list. She had no idea a week later that it would be done.  But she loved it.  She's one of my biggest fans.

Well, until tomorrow.  LATE tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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