Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blogtober 18, 2014

Tonights the night of the Human Form exhibition!  I can't wait!  Will hopefully be able to take pics and post them tomorrow. 

As long as I am showing it tonight, I probably can show you now what my piece in the exhibition is:

These exhibitions get me out of my norm and make me try things I probably wouldn't normally try.  The bonsai display from last month,and this one, have challenged me to step up and do something new.  Although I usually hate "assignments" there's a difference in 'challenge'.  And of course, its not a 'gotta', its a 'want-to'. 

A local winery is donating wine for the evening,  a local cheese store is also donating.

The venue is a historical building basement, with its half brick, half slapped-on plaster walls,with uneven floors.  A cool place for an 'underground' display which, yes, will have some nudity.

One of the displays was in ArtPrize.  I saw it there and now ArtPrize is over and it will be there tonight.

I hope we have a crowd!  It would be great to see you! 
Stay tuned!

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