Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blogtober 19, 2014

Well last evening was a success!  There were a lot of people and art! 
I am humbled that they let me in.   My little piece of art got lost in all the awesomeness that was there.  I am not sure if my confidence is better or worse for the experience.  I guess time will tell. I really haven't had any art classes, I have learned by the seat of my pants, and when I put it up against others, it shows.  I have to remind myself that I do art for me.  Not others.  As long as I am happy with it, that is all that matters.

I read an article once upon a time, about how a creative brain is always going a gazillion miles per hour.  Its the reason some kids daydream in class and can't stay focused.  Some kids who have been given medication to help them focus, end up dulling their creativity too.  I would be fibbing if I told you I was a good student back in school.   

I have recently discovered this artist named Rodney White who does really awesome stuff like this:

Love his work and bought the calendar!  Not only do I like his painting, this particular one speaks to me.  The best pieces I have done have been from the heart, not the mind.  Which is why I have a problem letting them go.  But I can.  And I will.  It gets closer every day.
Stay tuned.

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