Monday, October 27, 2014

Blogtober 27, 2014

Today I was introduced to KINDNESS ELVES.  These are like the Elf on a Shelf but they teach kindness instead of 'entitlement' lessons or creep some kids out who don't want Elfie to watch them while they sleep. 

The idea was mentioned by Anna at the Imagination Tree:
 Quoting Anna's blog:
"We haven’t yet started obviously, but this is the general outline of what we will be doing with them:
  • They will arrive in our home and have been sent to share some love and magic at Christmas time
  • They will only be sharing kind ideas and noticing things that are lovely. There will be no focus on negativity, but they will still be lots of fun and silliness too!
  • They will be moved somewhere different each morning, sometimes in funny situations and positions, often next to an item that we need for that day’s kindness activity e.g. inside a mixing bowl ready to bake some cookies as a gift
  • They will be holding little suggestions for acts of kindness, love or helpfulness that we can do together that day for e.g. “Let’s collect some of your toys and give them away to the children’s hospital”, “let’s make some cookies for the neighbors”, “shall we visit an elderly friend/ relative?” etc
  • When they see the children doing kind and lovely things, they will leave a little note for them to find in the morning e.g. “Oh I loved it when I saw you sharing your new book with your little sister” or “you were very kind to help your Mummy load the dishwasher!” etc
  • Some mornings they may wake up to find the elves have lined up their shoes, tidied their coats, got the breakfast things ready or fixed a broken toy etc. Modelling direct ways to be kind and helpful as a prompt for the children in the day."
 Don't get me wrong, both kinds of elves help keep the wonderment in the kids eyes during the season.  Have you seen where some parents have had more fun with the Shelf Sitters than the kids actually did!? 

But, I love the lesson that Christmas is giving, and I think these are just adorable!

Do ya think it might be too late for my 25 and 27 year old to play this game?  Probably.  Dangit.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh man, this is SO much better than Elf on a Shelf!


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