Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday December 19th, 2013

If you had been reading my last post, I found the camera.  Then I found the Christmas stockings that I couldn't find, (they just seemed to be right in front of me, after I had been looking for over a week!  How could I have missed them?) The only thing I need to find is my ring.  I took it off to do a deep moisturizing on my hands, ('tis winter!) and can't remember where I took it off.  I remember thinking that "it'll be safe HERE! "  Yep.  REAALLY safe! 

Between the house being a mess, with me spending free time on finishing the projects for Christmas, all that shopping and wrapping and decorating stuff, and trying to put in my time at work, I just haven't had the extra brain cell to think about it.

So, within the whirlwind of my mind, I am thinking that we are coming upon the time to pick THE WORD of the New Year.   Instead of the usual resolution, you pick a word, (or it picks you), of what your goal, or vision of the New Year will be.   Last year was the first time I picked a WORD, and it kind of picked me.  Meaning, the minute I thought about it, I knew it was probably going to use it for 2013.  I love that word.  It was SUNSHINE.

I feel better when I can sit in a sunbeam, and I felt I needed the uplift last year at this time. Oddly enough, it has worked!  I do feel that I have a better attitude than I did last year at this time.

My thoughts are searching and whirling for that new elusive WORD.  I have a whole week AFTER Christmas when my mind is more sedentary to come up with one.   Or maybe I'll pick this one again... its done me well.

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