Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Last Thursday night was our Company Christmas Party.  I was taking pictures of co-workers and having a great time.  I always have my camera on me, and my friends know it.  My card is carrying over a thousand pics, and yes, most are downloaded on the computer, but its my picture wallet.  When I want to show someone something, its on my camera, and I can show them!  A far cry from the bulky 35mm cameras I used to carry around with all the lenses, (and have to get developed before I could share with anyone!) the Hubs and the boys bought me a small pocket-able digital.  I love it!

Anyway...over the weekend, I was Christmas shopping and out and about.  Sunday night I was ready to drop those pictures onto the computer so I could send them off to people.  Couldn't find the camera!

I emptied my purse out, turned coat pockets inside out, (even the ones I knew I didn't wear).  In the middle of the big snow that hit over the weekend, we searched the car, under the seats, down the sides of the seats... panic started setting in.  I asked the Universe, Oh where! Oh Where! did I put it?

My camera goes with me everywhere, and before I hyperventilated about losing my security blanket, I made a mental list of everywhere I went over the weekend.  Oh, boy!   Thats a lot of backtracking!  Would someone turn it in if it was found or throw the card out and use it for themselves?  Would they keep the card, and erase the last year and a half of my life?  (I know, I know, they are on the hard drive too, but I was in panic mode!)  Settle down, I told myself, I probably left it at work.

Certainly anyone at work who found it and looked at any of the pics would know exactly whose it was!  I couldn't wait to get to work today to look around my desk, and the drawer I keep my purse, and ask the party clean up crew if anyone saw it.   No luck.

So today, while at work, I called The Hubs (since he was off on a snow day), as I wanted him to check a bag I brought home from the party. (I had already looked there once) Funny enough, sent that text to a friend I used to work with... he had no idea where it was.  Lol!  Once I stopped the much needed laughing, I had to re-text The Hubs, and by that time, said if it wasn't in the bag, could he call around to a few places we were at this weekend to see if anyone turned it in. He texted back later and said no, no one found it.

Ok, so I had been without it for 4 days.  I was starting to give up hope.  On the way home, I thought I would double check the coat pockets once again.  While I was doing so, I was thinking about what I was wearing Thursday night. I wore a blazer that I hardly ever wear.   After I took it off, I had hung it back in the closet, put the dry cleaning bag over it again to keep it clean until I wear it again.  Surely, I would have felt the weight of the camera had it been in the pocket, but I would check again.

I squeezed the blazer through the wrapper and didn't feel anything that would feel like the camera, but what the heck, I lifted up the plastic and checked the pockets anyway.


I am happy to say all the pics of my artwork for the last year and a half, not to mention my boys smiling faces (in more scenes than one) was safe!  Vacations, day trips, family gatherings and celebrations. 

I know you are probably rolling your eyes, but I will sleep better tonight.  Ask, Believe, Receive is big for me.  Never a doubt. 

Now its time to go download and email some pics...

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