Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6, 2013

File this under Where the Attitude Comes From....

Maybe its because in 9th grade I had an art teacher that I locked horns with and she pretty much had me convinced I was never going to be an artist.

Maybe its because of said teacher that I didn't really do much with art for about 15 years.

Then once I started to explore art again, and realize that if it made ME happy, then to hell with everyone elses opinion, that was what I needed to do.

Then people started liking my art, and liked what I did.

Then they wanted me to do things for them.  Some were appreciative.  Some wanted to control every brush stroke.  Some just loved what I did, but when they wanted me to do for them, I wasn't good enough.  Some folks really burned me with their opinions.

So back to art for ME.

So maybe, just maybe, I have developed somewhat of an attitude.  When I am done with a piece I have done, I am done.  It is an extension of me.  I don't believe it needs embellishment or something else.  Like it or don't, it doesn't matter to me, but please don't tell me if YOU had done it, YOU would have done this or that to it.  YOU didn't do it.  I did.  This is my suit of armor.

My attitude is from that.  I see where it stems back to my art not being good enough for some people.

One of the things I need to do in the new year is decide NOT to do art for anyone but myself again.

Then I have to find a place where I can let it go, (in my mind as well as find a place to sell it from) and sell it or give it without thinking someone is going to 'make it better'. 

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