Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good morning!  Christmas is over and in these last days of 2013, while we're waiting for the New Year, is kind of a down time, not blue, but relaxed.   Here are the things that make up my world at the moment.

Today, DS2 will be soon leaving for the long road back to college.  It takes 7 and a half hours for him to drive back on a good day.  Looking at the radar he should be able to travel safely, unlike the trip home, which was so nasty he had to do it in two days.  I call these pins and needles days for me, until I get the call that he has arrived safely.   The house will be too quiet for the next few days.

I am still looking for that elusive word of the year 2014.  I hate to say it, but at this point, I am reluctant to let go of last years word.  I am keeping my eyes and ears open to a new one, but feeling like I haven't used up the one I already have. I need and crave "sunshine"... especially in Winter.

After 5 days of a tummy bug, that has curbed my holiday eating, (that can be good AND bad)  I wondered if it was my silent thought that I do not want to gain any holiday pounds.  Starting to feel better today, actually drank a whole cup of beloved coffee!

Looking forward to doing some Bra Art for the rekindled Auction coming up in February.   A local merchant held these auctions for about 8 years, and as times are hard, she ended up closing up shop.  I think I participated for 7 of the 8.  But now after a couple year hiatus, someone is picking up the ball and running with it.  It raised a lot of money for the Womens Clinics in the county and the artists supported it well.  I have even done a piece already, (possibly not done yet.) And hope to do at least one more.
The dictionary page has the word "brassiere" on it. Debating whether or not to put a pink ribbon around the word.  I like bra art that can be a conversation piece and not just reek the auction.  Some think you can only do art on a bra.  I have some years, and those are fun, but sometimes, its nice just to do a non-wearable.

Speaking of the Bra Art Auction... I was perusing Pinterest the other day and actually saw one of the bras that I did one year.  Someone posted it!  Not sure if it was the new owner or not, but I thanked them for posting it.

We have not heard of any get togethers for the New Year.  We were thinking of inviting some folks over here but I haven't been feeling well, so hadn't said anything yet.  It wouldnt bother me if we just had a nice dinner and stayed home, but we do that here all the time.  Maybe we need to branch out a bit.

Speaking of the New Year, I see on my wise old Facebook page, that the New Year will start on a New Moon, supposively signifying that  its a year of new beginnings... hopefully in the way of some new jobs for my hubs and DS2 after he graduates in May.  Ahh.... that would be nice.

Well, thats it for now.  Stay tuned...

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