Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1, 2013

Well, one month away from 2014.  Wow. That year went fast.  And in other ways, it seems a loonnnng time ago that it was New Years.   We have had a few bummer years, but this one seemed to be better for us.

Every year I do a calendar for my family.  Every year I go through the year in pictures to decide what to put in the calendar.  Today, I started that project, and wow- there has been a bunch to report this year.  And I also do a calendar that has my artwork on it... Wow, I have done a lot of painting too! 

Not all awesome things are material things,  Some things just make you go, "cool!" 

Let me just post a few of the awesome things that have happened here....

Excuse the pic that is upside down, but last Christmas, a coworker taught us all how to make these snowflakes.  So on our lunch hours, we did a bunch of them and hung them all through our department. They were beautiful and envy of the building!  When the tragedy at Sandy Hook happened, there was a snowflake campaign, and we send a box of ours.  We received a beautiful thank you from the folks in Sandy Hook thanking us for them and on the front of the card were many of the different kinds of snowflakes that they received.  Ours was on the front too!   They received trucks and trucks of snowflakes from all over the world and thanked everyone for their "blizzard" showing the concern and prayers for all the victims and families in the tragedy. 
In a small way, it really did feel like we could help.

In March, Hubs and I went upstate and as I was shopping, noticed this little cutie pie in a store.  I asked the owner if I could take a pic and paint her.  He said, "if you can get a good pic, have at it, but if you end up painting her, I would like to see it."  Fair enough!  I painted her from this pic, and sent it in an email, he wrote back, wanted it, and his mom was the next email saying, DON'T SELL IT TO HIM, sell it to me for him for his birthday!

I had to tell him a creative story about getting a good print of it, but sold it to his mom and the guy got it for his Birthday!  That was a fun experience!  And I know it went to the right home.

The painting >>

Last one for the day.

Each year Hubs helps out Santa and pretends he's him, so that Santa can stay back with the elves making all those toys.
The Legion Auxiliary here, have Arts and Crafts making and also holiday treats for the kiddies during the event.
After they visit Santa, they can make presents for their families and friends at the craft tables.  A few of them ran back to give them to "Santa" and didn't forget that giving can be reciprocated.
Those special ornaments decorated our tree last year. 

Bless their little pea-pickin' hearts.

Maybe I will just add a few more awesome things again tomorrow.  Until then!

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