Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 14, 2013

 I love this photo.  I would love to give credit, but not sure where it came from.  Thought I would share.

Wow.  My apologies for the attitude in the last writing.  Guess I needed to vent. (Feel better now.)

I'm happy to report that I have done 4 projects for other people that they asked me to do since I have shown you anything I have done. (not the people I was venting about) Whew!  Done and paid.  Good feeling!  Check that off Santa's list!

Also, have done a piece for my Christmas cards.  Then I printed said cards and am hopefully going to get those out yet today! Check.

Printed address labels for said cards and other Christmas correspondence.  Check! (they're pretty cute!)

I also have made some reproductions of my work for some people that wanted them. Backed and matted! Check.

One tree up, one yet to do, one check, not two.

Working on several small gifts for special people.  They are drying in the art room. Not nearly done, so not a full check off my list but getting there!

Two of three boxes packed and off in the mail.  Check and check!

Must yet do the online ordering.  YIKES!

Doing some baking and some food goodies for gifts today. 

Have half the calendar done for the family.  Need to spend time on that yet.

Wowsa.  Guess I'd better get to it!  Will post some pics next time.  Until then, enjoy the season!  Its not just the 24th and 25th you are suppose to enjoy ya know!

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