Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Last day of July, 2016

Today was the Plein Aire event that I told you about.  Here was my submission:

This is where I was set up.   However most of the plein aire artists did landscapes, I did a zoomed in shot of it.    I didn't win the competition, but proud that I got out of my comfort zone and doing something different.   Got good comments and lots of kudos.

I also took my sketch books to the craft store to get some matted and framed.  I ended up doing the hydrangeas on black and the thistle I did on black.  They are awesome, and so much fun to play with mat colors and frames.  Just matting and framing them up made me feel so much like a real artist.  They look really good, and really fun to do, but this is not cheap to do.

I have the two poinsettias that will be next, but with a future paycheck. 

For the Alzheimer's auction, I threw away the idea for the celebrity portrait, and framed up one of my other prints that everyone seems to like:

So, I need to get my house in order, as it has been left behind while my head has had visions of artwork dancing around in it.   Need to do something else for a bit.

Then, onto the rest of my list.  Stay tuned!

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