Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July 2016!

I have been on vaca and our boys have been home, in and out, lately so haven't been able to do much art, much less posting. 

On our quick, but long-weekend vacation we went to NY and PA to see friends and family.  We stopped to see Hubs' cousin in NY and then down to see my friend Terri and her hubby, Tim, at their new lake place.  While we were there, they had an old oar they wanted painted of their dog Emma jumping off their dock.  Emma is a chocolate lab and loves to swim and so entertaining to watch jump in for a ball!  Here is Terri and I with the finished product which they now have hung up in their lake place.

Labs and lakes seem to be a theme lately, and some other friends, also have a lab that loves to jump in at the lake.  They took a shot of their chocolate lab, Gracie, last weekend and it was so cool I thought I'd ask permission if I could paint it for the upcoming Pet Parade exhibition in a couple weeks. They said yes!

I envisioned this square and large.  I found canvas and set to it.  When I showed it to them they wanted to buy it after the exhibition, of course.   So it is SOLD.  I love how it turned out and they did too!  It's a big, 40x40 in canvas and I hope they have room.

Besides that, a while ago I purchased a black small pad of paper.  At night, while watching a game or something, I will play with colored pencils on this black paper.  This thistle didn't hit me all that much until I did the background.  Now I like it.  And others do too.   I am going to continue on with playing in this little black book... its change in the norm.  And norm gets boring... (apologies to anyone named Norm).

Well, after vaca, company, and art, the housework has suffered.  I will probably spend the day today on framing up those darn pet pics, (yes, STILL) and getting some housework caught up.  There are projects in the garage calling my name, and it takes nice weather to do them, (which I have available) so who knows how the day will pan out!

Have a wonderful 4th everyone.  And stay tuned.

PS: that dog pic is really off color... here is more the colors it really is:
 I didn't realize it was so far off color. 

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