Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday, July 10 2016

Well, I got the pet portraits ready to go, or at least what I think I settled with.  Whew! that took about a month!  Good thing I decided to get it done, the exhibition is Saturday! lol.

I haven't had much time to do art, although have a lot on the schedule lately, but I have been playing with the black paper and the colored pencils some more.  These are 6in x 8in, and I push them to the edges, (always have... I should challenge myself to work within a framable size!)

Here are the two I have done this week while watching TV in the evenings, just to chill out:

This one is just out of my head:

This one is from a photo from a garden from someone on Facebook, named Sadie Seasongood.  I appreciate the permission from her to use her photo.

I love gardenias and hydrangeas, and the two together are just striking.  I like this one a lot!

Well thats about all for this week.  Stay tuned!

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