Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tuesday July 26 2016

I sit here when I have a bunch of art I have to do.  Denial?  Would I rather work at the deadlines?  Probably.  Life isn't giving me large chunks of time.  I just have these little times that I can't get painty.  Or its too hot. (it HAS been hot! thats a good excuse)  Or I just am not coming up with the drive and ambition.

Instead, I am redoing a charity piece over and over again.  Its a portrait of a celebrity which is probably against a copyright law anyway.  Guess I will give it up and just figure the universe is keeping me out of some kind of trouble.

There is another Plein Aire event coming up last week of July that I kinda said I would. 
The Alzheimers piece for the charity auction.
A desk for a teacher friend of mine.
A chair for the Chair-ity Auction.
A unicorn? for a friend.

Stay tuned.  Much more to come!

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