Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday night December 17th, 2015

Shopping for men has to be the hardest!  I have three, and no ladies to shop for, really.  I am stumped and Christmas is a week away.

I tried making one of those photo books online, of the things we did this year, for The Hubs for a gift, but we really didn't do all that much. I was to page five (May) and asked myself REALLY??? You want to pay for this book?

It seems I forgot to take pics of some of the things we did do,but we don't DO much:  Work. Eat. Sleep. Work. Eat. Sleep.  Throw in a committee meeting, etc in there, and that about wraps up the yawner we will call 2015.  (Sometimes no news is good news and after the last few years, we are just as happy that it was a yawner.) But it just isn't the first few months either.  Oct, and November, Hubs was recuperating and we didn't do much for those two months either. This book has 20 pages! 

But, it was pitiful up to the point where I left off. **Shake my head.** Just pitiful!

I want to vow right here and now that 2016 will have more to show.  We are going to do more to ENJOY 2016.  And to enjoy it you have to be grateful for it in your life, right?  I think I have found my word for 2016.  I want to ENJOY life more.  Be happier.  Do more.  ENJOY!  We are at a point in our lives where we raised our kids and crammed as much into our days as we could while we did it.  The kids moved out and we stifled.  Before we get too old we should be having fun! And dangit!  Its time!

I think I will like this new word.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.  Trying it on for size.

Stay tuned!

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