Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday December 20, 2015

Picture this:  Moonlit night.  A wooded area running alongside a beautiful lake.  Christmas lights on the other side of the lake reflecting in the water.  A luminary-lit path on a snow dusted winter night, where you walk along, until you find a place that is significant.  You turn on your flashlight and read the prose left for you.  Snap off your light and continue on.  The walk ends at the winery, with the chili warming and the jazz band playing.  That was our evening last night. Perfect weather last night for it.  It was one of those events where you couldn't take pictures of it, you just had to savor it. It was beautiful!

 I have shown some of the cabinet samples I rescued from the dumpster, right?  Well, I made some Christmas cards with them... on the back is a large sticker that says Merry Christmas from US!

There is baking to do and wrapping to do and lots of Christmasy stuff to get done.  Stay tuned!

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